McMahon Ready to Go

Senior offensive lineman Pete McMahon spent most of his time off since the regular season finale rehabbing from surgery. But the RT appears ready to roll Saturday when the Hawkeyes take on LSU in the Capital One Bowl. McMahon met with the media on Thursday in Orlando and talked about his injury, LSU DE Marcus Spears, the Iowa running game and more in this Premium Q&A Package.

Pete McMahon

What was the actual injury you sustained?

The tendons tore or something went on down there. They saw a tear in the sheets of the tendon and had to go in and fix it. It happened on the fifth to last play of the game. I finished out the game.

Have you done anything different in preparation to go against Marcus Spears?

He is probably going to be the best defensive lineman I will face outside of Matt. I will have to go back and do a little more film study. But the physical preparation has kind of been a thing that has continued throughout the season.

Should people that do not know Iowa very well be surprised at the success for this season, especially with all the injuries at the running back position?

Most people would be. But once people watch us they notice we have more things then just a running game. We have an outstanding defense and an amazing quarterback. So, we have a few other things besides a running game.

Is there any part of your running game that should scare people?

Yes, you cannot overlook the running game no matter who is running the ball. If you do that a team will come up and bite you.

What was going through your mind when all of the injuries to the RB's were happening?

Who is up next? Everyone was ready to step up and we had to look forward.

Do you feel the importance that you might feel once you look back at this game?

It is pretty important to me as a senior. It is my last game after a pretty good season. It has been a blast for me to come back this season and be co-Big Ten Champs. I think if I was not going to be able to play, I think we would have been able to fill my spot with someone who could do the job just as well. I am just excited to play and finish out my senior season on a winning note.

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