Post Game: Drew Tate & Jonathon Babineaux

Drew Tate and Jonathon Babineaux talk about the big Cap One Bowl win.

Drew Tate

I want to thank everyone that has anything to do with Iowa football, from the fans coming down to the game, to the players. I don't think anyone could have thought up a better way to end the season with everything we went through.

Orlando has been great in everything they have done. This has to be the best police escort anyone could get, as they have been shutting down highways for us.

You have to give a lot of credit to LSU. They showed a lot of character coming back the way they did, and having to deal with Coach Saban leaving.

It was an unbelievable game. You have to give credit to our team for not quitting.

Drew, go over that last play.

We just called four verticals, and (Clinton) Solomon is supposed to run a post, and they had a safety over him. That was probably the most time I had to throw all day. (laughs)

I was going to go back to (Scott) Chandler, but the safety jumped Chandler and Warren's (Holloway) guy went to cover the slot. I just threw it up for Warren.

Were you surprised at how open he was?

I was just trying to get the ball to him. I was worried that I might have overthrown him. And you have to give him credit for not going down. If he would have gotten tackled, I don't know what would have happened with the clock. I am sure that time had expired.

What was going on there at the end and not using a timeout?

Usually they will tell us to call the time out. I think what they wanted to do was just get at least to the 35 or 40 of LSU and call time out. Fortunately, it ended with an ESPN Classic. (big laughs from the press).

Have you ever done anything like that in high school?

Never. I have never been a part of anything like this before in my life.

What was the emotion of the team after LSU scored their late touchdown to take the lead for the first time in the game?

Offensively, we were calm and poised. We knew that if we got it to the 35 or 40 of LSU's side that Schlicher was going to give us a chance. Everyone was calm. Ed

(Hinkel) made a good catch, and Warren made a good catch. And then the false start; I don't know how that happened. Then the play.

What do you think this means to Warren

I don't think you could describe it. He had never scored a touchdown before in college, he is a senior. He is going to leave with a smile.

It was like two different halves for you?

The first half, we were not doing what we wanted to do. It took some time to get accustomed to how they were going to play us. The interceptions; those happen.

In the second half, we were just trying to calm each other down. I don't think we had a turnover in the second half and give our defense a chance. They did well and did the best they could. LSU has a good offense, and a good defense.

Then you moved the pocket around.

We had to. They were blitzing a lot. And when we did that, things were open.

Jonathon Babineaux

From my point of view, I was wondering why we were not calling timeouts and why the clock was running. I was like, ‘don't they see the clock running'? And then like what Drew said, I saw Warren wide open and I was like ‘please catch it.' (LAUGHS). Then when he caught it, we all just ran to Warren.

Could you have written a better script to end your Iowa career?

I don't think you could write a better ending than what happened today. All of the hard work and determination throughout camp and this is a great way to go out as a Hawkeye.

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