Post Game: Hodge, J. Johnson, Bradley

Iowa pulled a rabbit our of its hat with a last-second victory against LSU in Saturday's Capital One Bowl in Orlando. Read what three stars of the game - Abdul Hodge, Jovon Johnson and David Bradley - had to say about finishing the season on the highest of notes in this Premium Q&A Package.

Abdul Hodge

Welcome back to Florida and getting a victory – a great combination?

This feels, man, I cannot even begin to tell you. How can you ask me a question after this (laughs)? It feels great and our team is great. Our fans were here until the end.

Was there any doubt in your mind that the Hawkeyes were going to pull out a win?

Definitely, because there was not that much time on the clock. But, there was forty seconds or something like that and we had to go about forty yards to get Nate (Schlicher) a chance at it. The touchdown scenario never really crossed my mind. But, a win is a win and Warren Holloway is my hero.

Did the shift in quarterbacks make things any more confusing to you?

They have three great quarterbacks and that last guy (Russell) is going to be an NFL guy someday. But our defense stuck with it and played hard. Drew Tate is our MVP today on defense, too.

How much of your family was here today?

Yes, they are right up there (waves and looks at little brother Elijah, wearing his old #52 Reebok Hawkeye jersey, and they both pull the jersey off their chests and pound them) and they support the Hawkeyes until the end. Little brother has got to love this, he has some Hawkeye in him. He is definitely loving this.

Jovon Johnson

What is going through your mind at the end of that game?

It is an unbelievable feeling right now. It will probably be a classic forever, and especially in our minds. It will definitely be an ESPN Classic moment. I was thinking, "ok, not much time let's get another 15 yards and get a field goal. No, don't throw it!" Well, we get a catch and get in the end zone.

Could Walt Disney write a better story book ending than this?

No way could he do that. He uses that weird music, this is rock n roll. I think Drew Tate can write a story better though. He had some tough times and got the offense moving in that second half. The defense played well but gave up a couple scores. But who cares now, right?

What do you think this means to Warren Holloway?

He is the type of guy who is silent, but an assassin. He said at the meeting the other night: "if you give 100% effort, you are not special. Giving that makes you a part of the team." I commend him for sticking with it and going out with a bang.

David Bradley

Can you really explain what you just saw?

I do not even know where to start. You think there are twelve seconds, so you need a field goal. You have two timeouts you could use. But we were thinking maybe the game was over with. With Drew at quarterback though, he is not a quitter. Warren Holloway is a silent weapon for us. No one knew about Warren but now he is a legend in Hawkeye history. Maybe the most noticeable ever.

You averaged 50 yards on six punts today, did you feel something special?

Is that what it was? Well, I just felt good today. I hit it the best ever today. I was just real relaxed. Thank God we came out with a win. Special Teams and defense win championships and games. Today we saw that more clearly than anything. Without the two blocks we are not talking about this right now. The bowl practices have not varied from any other time throughout the year.

As a senior, can you think of any thing that is better than this?

We had three 10-win seasons, two Big Ten championships, and a few bowl wins. I could not ask for much more. When I got here, the team was 1-10. We are leaving being in the top 10 in the country for the third straight year. There were so many obstacles to clear and we did that.

What does the future hold for David Bradley?

I got invited to play in the Gridiron Classic game here in Orlando on the 9th. That is a great thing.

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