Post Game: Simmons, Roth, B. Ferentz

An improbable finish finalized an improbable season for the 2004 Hawkeyes. Iowa scored a last second touchdown to knock off defending national champion LSU, 30-25, Saturday in the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. Marques Simmons, Matt Roth and Brian Ferentz all played key roles in the win. Read what they had to say after the game in this premium Q&A Package.

Marques Simmons

Have you seen a hole bigger than that before when you score the touchdown?

A hole? I broke that outside because my hole was plugged in by Spears and the rest of those guys with white shirts. But it felt good to get in the end zone, like it does all the time.

Can you write a better story than this?

I heard you talking to other guys and saying Walt Disney. He could not write anything better than this, no way. He used that soft, girly music (he said,"no offense"). This is stuff that does not happen everyday. It is like a dream.

What was the difference in halves for the offense?

We knew that the running game was needed to win this game. Sam Brownlee was on the sidelines and said that we needed to get it done. And we did.

Matt Roth

What was your view of the last play?

I was watching on the screen a couple seconds late. I heard everyone cheering and said, "oh crap" and went and celebrated.

So you did not even see the play?

No, not until I saw it on the replay and saw catch the ball then bounce a couple takes to the endzone. I knew he had scored. He got a standing ovation when he got in the locker room. We knew he would play a major role this year, but this is as big as it gets.

Talk about the dog pile in the end zone.

He deserved a dog pile after that. We deserved that after all we have been through. You cannot write a better story than this. It is a tremendous win that is almost surreal.

Was grabbing the Iowa flag and waving it around one of the first things on your mind after the game?

Heck yes. I had to go grab that flag. You do not know what is going on. Emotions just get to you. That baby is heavy, man. I feel for the cheerleaders now. But that was a great moment and just spur of the moment thing.

Brian Ferentz

Can you describe the scene?

Man, it is tough. You are looking at the clock and seeing 10 seconds and you need 30 yards for Kyle to get into field goal range. Or maybe less, I am pretty confident in his ability to make a kick. But it was bleek, I am not going to lie to you. Though seeing Warren in the end zone, it was not bleek anymore. It was promising.

When did you talk to Coach Ferentz as dad?

Oh, on the field. He came up to me and said it was awesome. We hugged and cried for a while because we have been through a lot this year. That was a great moment, I love him a lot. It is good to be with him and experience this as a father-son.

With all that has happened what are you feelings now?

We lost five running backs, that was the least of our problems. We lose Coach Parker's son, we lost my grandfather. I think they were huddled up in heaven and gave us the help we needed. I think they nudged that ball over the endline. If there wasn't beer in heaven before, there might be a couple opened tonight. But I do know they are happy right now, that is for sure.

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