Moeaki Getting Closer to His Decision

Moeaki has narrowed his choices down to Iowa and Tennessee. spoke with Moeaki in San Antonio.


What have you enjoyed from this event so far?

Meeting all of these players from all around, everyone is good. It's not like high school. They treat us real good here, and I am having fun.

Did you have any apprehension coming down here or wondering how you stacked up against the nation's best players?

A little bit. I knew before I came here that I had not been doing much with football, because I am in basketball season right now (he plays the four position for his high school team.) But I feel like I am back in the football mix and I feel that I am doing pretty good.

I saw you make some great catches today, and everyone has told me that you have been doing that all week. Do you feel like you have had a good week?

I feel like I have been doing good in the drills and I really feel good out there.

Has it been fun catching passes from Jake Christensen this week?

Yeah, definitely. He is a great quarterback. I have never caught passes from a quarterback like him. He puts a lot of zip on his passes, he makes the right reads, he is a fun guy.

Does it make this week easier with so many kids from Illinois here in town?

Oh yeah. I basically hang out with them most of the time. They are all fun.

This will sound funny, but have you decided on whether or not you will decide on Saturday?

Yes, I will be deciding on Saturday.

As you consider your schools, does something like the number of Illinois players considering Iowa factor into your thought process?

Yeah. These are the people that I will be with for the next five years. It helps that they are from Chicago. I like them all. We have all been hanging out together for this entire week.

You brother Larry was recruited by Iowa, right?

Hayden Fry was there when Iowa was looking at him, and they were not doing that well when he was being recruited. He thinks that Coach Ferentz is a good coach, and he will be coming down here tomorrow.

Being that you are Mormon, and with your brother having gone to BYU, does that play a big factor for them?

Yes and no. My brother had a good experience there and is about to graduate from there, but then again, I want to go where I have the best opportunity to excel. It helps some, but it is not an overriding factor.

Iowa has had a few tight ends do well in recent years. Dallas Clark won the Mackey and is now catching passes from Peyton Manning. Do you pay attention to how Iowa and other schools use their tight end in their offense?

Yes I do. Iowa really used their tight end a lot this year, and the feeling is that if I went there, they would try to use me just as much.

Did you get a chance to watch Iowa play on TV this year?

Yes, I did see a couple of games. I saw the Ohio State and Wisconsin games and I watched the first half of their bowl game. So I missed the end. I have seen it since then. I was mad that I missed it, but I was happy for them, because they started out 2-2 and they came back to win the Big Ten.

NOTE: Tony told Chris Pool of that he was no longer considering BYU, and that he had narrowed his choices down to Iowa and Tennessee.

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