Nelson Talks Recruiting; Iowa Hawkeyes spoke with Iowa wide receiver prospect David Nelson in San Antonio as a part of its coverage of the US Army All American Game. Interview with David Nelson

This might make some of my readers laugh, and I don't want to explain why, but you really are 6-6, aren't you?

Yes, I really am 6-6.

With your height and speed, you have a lot of advantages over defensive backs. Is it hard to figure out which way you are going to beat them each time you line up?

It is all about technique. It all depends on where they line up. You try to get the DB's to turn their shoulders in some instances. It's also about footwork, and watching film. I think that is one of the things that I do that some other players don't do. I am passionate about the game.

When the back is jamming you head on head, you know you have to get low, especially when you are my height. It's just different kinds of things; you just have to know the game.

Here you are in January and you are back in the recruiting pool. You thought you had it all completed this summer when you committed to Ty Willingham and Notre Dame, but things changed. Were you disappointed to be ‘back out there'

I don't know if I was disappointed about the process starting up again, rather I was disappointed that good people were being done the wrong way. Coach Willingham is a class guy; they will never get anyone like him. I just can't say enough good things about him. I wanted to play for him real bad. You just want to give 110 percent for him.

That is what I am looking for right now; I want to find a coach that I can go out and do that for. I am not going to play any less for any other coach; I will play hard no matter who I play for. I am going to have that drive, because its football. VMy head coach in high school, the worst thing about losing is looking in his eyes; I respect him so much. He is like a father figure to me. VSo I was not disappointed that the recruiting process was starting up again, because my father has been through it, my mother has been through it with track. But people were hurt.

Do you feel as though you will have had enough time to choose a school?

Yeah. Right now I think I have a pretty good idea. Once I know, I will know. Like when I went to Notre Dame, I knew. I am not saying that I have not felt like that again. I am not saying that I have not felt that way about Iowa. I am just not going to tell anyone that.

So far, I have had enough time, and I still have two more weeks to decide and the coaches have been good about everything and they have been honest. If I feel like I no longer am interested in a certain school, I will tell them. They are honest with me, and I will be honest with them.

What did you think of your visit to Iowa?

First of all, they just have great people. They have quality individuals up there, and that starts with Coach Ferentz. He is a great guy, a great recruiter, a great person, a family man; a guy that is like Coach Willingham. I shouldn't compare them, because everyone is different in their own way. But he does a good job of getting that team ready.

This year, they had trouble with the running backs but they still got it done. They won ten games, and that is the sign of a good coach; when they have adversity, they still can compete at a high level each and every year. Coach Erb is a good guy; he is really a technical guy who gets involved with his receivers. He is really passionate about what he does.

Ken O'Keefe is looking for big time receivers. I am not trying to say that Iowa does not have anyone, but they are not deep with big time receivers. They have Trey now, and they are looking for another one. They signed another receiver, but they are thinking about putting him on defense.

What do you know about Iowa's quarterback situation?

Drew was my host. Watching the LSU game, I was very impressed. I had never seen Iowa play before, and watching that game, I was very impressed.

When I visited Iowa, one of the first things they showed me was tape of Tate. He is just magic. He does things with the ball that I have never seen before. He just has a will to win. That look in his eyes when Iowa was down at the end of the LSU, you could tell that he was going to win that game. He knew in his heart that they were going to win. When the rest of the team sees their quarterback confident like that, they are going to be confident.

He is a great player and a good person. I really enjoyed talking with him. We sat down and talked for three or four hours; not even about Iowa, just different things. We are both from Texas.

And you have gotten to meet Jake Christensen this week.

He is a good kid. (laugh). He is a good player. We joke around a lot. He is a down to earth guy like I am, and we both enjoy the same things. His dad is a good recruiter (laugh). They have a great family and they have good football ties.

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