Blum: Eight Man No Big Thing

Iowa commit Tyler Blum talks about the US Army All Star event.

HN: Did you have any doubts before you came down here on how you would stack up against the best of the best, and how do you feel you have done thus far?

I always felt that I could come down here and compete. I never doubted myself. I knew that I could hang in there with them. I have been telling people all week that I play football just like everyone else, whether its eight-man or eleven-man football. I line it up and go at it. I have gotten beat a couple of times, but I have beaten people a couple of times. You are going to have that at this level, and it's just real fun to get out there and compete against the best players in the country.

Do you think that in playing the eight-man game that you have an advantage, like Chad Greenway, because it's such a fast game with more space?

Yeah, that is it. The eight-man game, or nine-man like Chad played, is a faster game than the eleven-man game. There is a lot more room, more spacing and more scoring; you have to be fast to be good, especially on the outside. I have not been affected by the speed of the game. It has not been a huge thing for me, and I think that has helped me a lot and I think it will continue to help me.

How has wrestling been going for you?

It has been going good. I am 18-0, but I will miss three matches on Saturday. It's going real well, and I have been getting after people.

Are you upset that you have missed time there?

No. This is a nice break and a once in a lifetime thing that I would never pass up.

Are you disappointed at all that you are not on the East squad, as so many of your future teammates and possible future teammates are on that side of the field?

A little bit, but I see them enough and I get to interact with them. It's fun having guys here that I will be with for the next four or five years. It is a lot of fun being around them, especially in a football environment. It would be fun to be on their team, but it will be fun to go against them, too. I will be going against some of those guys for a long time.

Has it been fun to be able to bond with your future teammates in a football environment, and away from a campus visit type of setting?

I don't know that many other schools get a chance like this for their recruits, to be together, like we are doing. I am sure the coaches at Iowa love this. They know we are down here and having fun. It is a bonding experience; you see the guys every day, joking, talking for a whole week. It's just great.

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