Moeaki: Iowa Headed in the Right Direction

Tony Moeaki's pledge to Iowa on Saturday made everyone in the Hawkeye Nation stand and take notice. For the past several years, Iowa has gone after some of the best tight end prospects in the nation, only to come up empty handed. But in landing Moeaki, the Hawks might have landed one of the best tight end prospects in their football history. Moeaki talks about why he committed to Iowa, as well as his thoughts on playing as a true freshman.

Tony Moeaki

In the end, why did you chose Iowa?

The people in Iowa City, the coaches; they are headed in the right direction. They have been doing great year in and year out.

With BYU, Tennessee and Iowa, you really couldn't go wrong from a tight end's perspective.

Right. Iowa had Dallas Clark, and hopefully I can do some of the things that he did. I know their offense was at its best when they had Dallas Clark at tight end.

You told me before that you have run the waggle quite a bit in high school…have you noticed how much Iowa runs that play, and does that excite you?

We did that a lot when I was a junior with a different quarterback. I really like that play.

Has Iowa talked with you about competing for time next year, as a true freshman? You are as big and fast as Dallas Clark was when he was in his third year at Iowa.

They have talked about it during the recruitment, but nothing is for sure. They have told me that they feel that I can make an impact soon. It will be a challenge of course, as I am not going to say that I know everything that I need to know right now, but I am ready for that challenge and I look forward to it.

Jon Miller's Thoughts from his week in San Antonio

I wrote a column for tonight, as they asked me which of Iowa's All American's that I felt was the best prospect.

That was a very, very tough decision. But after watching practice this week, and just seeing Tony carry himself and the type of athlete that he is, Moeaki was my choice.

On of the reasons that he looked so good was the rocket arm of Jake Christensen. Jake told me this week that when he was in doubt in the pocket in practice, he found Tony.

I know that recruiting is rife with's impossible to escape. But Moeaki is on par with Dallas Clark. If he stays healthy, I think Moeaki has a chance to go down as the best tight end in Iowa history.

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