Bain: Fire Still Burned Weeks After Iowa Visit

Ryan Bain might not be your next television studio host, but he knows how to make Iowa fans happy. His announcement for Iowa on national TV was short, yet succinct. The most important aspect of it all? Bain is a Hawkeye, and he will bring his toughness and killer instinct with him to Iowa City for the next four or five seasons. Read why Bain committed to Iowa on Saturday.

Ryan Bain

What were the reasons behind your selecting Iowa?

This is the place for me, bottom line. It is a great opportunity. They have great people there. I want to be coached by the best. Coach Doyle, Coach Ferentz, Coach Aiken, all of those guys are the best at what they do. Plus, I would choose Iowa even if I were not playing football.

How long have you known where you were going to school?

When I went to Wisconsin on my official, I really liked them. About a week later I calmed down from the visit. Iowa was always in the picture for me, and then my visit there made me realize that there was just no other place for me. Even a week after my Iowa visit, I had not calmed down from that visit the way that I did from my Wisconsin visit. I have known for two months now.

Was it hard to keep the secret for so long?

I would have rather announced a long time ago, just to get it over with, because other schools were still calling me. But Iowa knew. As long as they knew I was coming, that is all that mattered. And I am glad that I was able to announce on National TV because I hope that helps the program down the road.

How much fun was it on Saturday, with all of you committing to Iowa?

It was a lot of fun. We came out a lot more flat. We did not have the hitting in practice like the West team.

For me, it was great playing with these guys. The talent was great. I was going up against great offensive linemen all week. I have a lot to learn on defensive line. This was really my first week of practice at the position. They put me down (on the line) when we played against Jake, but that has been it. I am still learning. I felt that I got pressure and created some havoc back there. I could be happier, like always. But I am going to stay hungry.

You played both inside and out today. Is there an area that you prefer to play, and what has Iowa told you about how you will be used at the next level?

They told me that I will play both. I think my size will put me at defensive tackle, primarily. I felt that I could have bull rushed those guys today. If I learn technique, as I play low to the ground, I think that D tackle will be where I play. I can put on some weight and size, because I have room to grow. But at Iowa, they will play me inside and outside, depending on the situation.

Jon Miller's Thoughts from his week in San Antonio

Ryan seems like a quiet man, and he might be. But when you get him away from the crowds and the lights, he can provide great insight. Though every one of his words seems to come with significant thought, he comes at you with the bare honesty, something that Iowa reporters will enjoy during his time in Iowa City.

Some people want to compare him to Matt Roth. Though he is two inches shorter than Roth, and perhaps a half step slower (let's be honest, you don't come across a Matt Roth every four years), Bain's low center of gravity and his killer instinct will serve him well at Iowa. I expect him to be 20 to 30 pounds heavier when he makes his way into the defensive line rotation, and he is going to be a fireplug on the defensive line. Mark this down; Ryan Bain will have a very good career at Iowa, if he stays healthy.

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