New Jersey Pipeline Already Open for 2006

The Iowa Hawkeyes have a long standing tradition of successfully recruiting the state of New Jersey, a legacy that dates back to Bernie Wyatt when he was a member of Hayden Fry's staff in Fry's early years. When Iowa picked up Darrell Wilson from the Wisconsin staff a few years back, they also reopened the Garden State pipeline to Iowa. Marcus Wilson, Darrell's nephew, played for Camden Catholic this past year and is on his way to Iowa. The Hawkeyes are eyeing a Camden Catholic prep for 2006.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have had quite a bit of success through the years in mining talent out of New Jersey.

It began with Bernie Wyatt, a member of Hayden Fry's coaching staff, and it continues today with the connections of Iowa linebackers coach Darrell Wilson.

Wilson was once a high school coach in Camden, and his nephew Marcus Wilson is a member of this year's recruiting class.

Iowa may have its eyes set on another Camden prospect for the class of 2006; Sean Scanlon of Camden Catholic. He threw the passes that Marcus caught for the past two seasons. I was in San Antonio at the US Army Junior Combine, and noticed that you had Iowa listed among your favorite schools. Is that accurate?

SEAN SCANLON: Iowa is definitely a school that I am considering and they are one of my top choices. I would love to go there. I love that school.

When I watch the games on TV, the atmosphere seems like such a really cool place to play; the fans go crazy. They just have such a great program and they keep reloading every year now. The head coach, Kirk Ferentz is just doing great things out there.

The program is just so attractive. A lot of programs have a star player here or there, but Iowa is talented all around and it seems like a great place to step into. They welcome the players and the fans support the team.

Iowa is known for football. They are not amazing in basketball, they are good in wrestling, but football seems like their main sport. It just seems like a really cool place to play.

NOTE: Scanlon has not been to Iowa City

HN: Being that you have had your eye on Iowa, were you able to watch the Capital One Bowl?

SS: Yes, I did see that. It was very exciting. It was cool to watch how none of their players gave up and they came back in the last minute and won the game. Drew Tate throws the bomb…that was just cool to watch. It showed a lot of character.

HN: Let's talk about the US Army Junior Combine. There were long lines for registration. Did you run your 40-yard dash after midnight, like a lot of the prospects?

SS: We were not making excuses, but we sat around forever and you did not know when they were going to call your number, so you really couldn't get stretched out properly. So we were laying around tired, and then they called your number and you just had to go out and run. In the summer I was timed at a 4.42 in the forty, but at the combine, I ran an electronic 4.66.

HN: Were you pleased with how you performed at the combine? And is Iowa looking at you as a quarterback?

SS: I was measured at 5-foot-11-7/8ths, which is basically 6-feet, but it says 5-11. I think that right off the bat that schools will not consider me as a quarterback because it says 5-11. Maybe I will grow an inch or two before the fall, but I feel that if a school offers me as an athlete, that I could play in the defensive backfield or anywhere that I can see the field. I think that I can play other positions besides quarterback.

HN: It's very early in the recruiting process, but have you had any contact with any members of the Iowa coaching staff?

SS: The only person I talked to was Darrell Wilson. Marcus was one of my receivers, and that is his nephew. I am calling in tomorrow for junior call in day. I received a letter in the mail from Iowa, asking me to call in.

HN: Being that Iowa is one of the schools that you are very interested in, how did that make you feel that they wanted you to call in?

SS: I love it. I can't put it into words. It's a great feeling to know that they are interested in me. I just can't really explain it. I feel welcomed already. Obviously, I don't have an offer and there are other schools that I want to check out as well, but it's a neat thing.

HN: Have you and Marcus talked about Iowa?

SS: I have spoken with him a lot about it. He has shared his experiences with me from when he visited. He tells me how close the team is to one another on and off the field. Off the field, they still hang out and sit around playing video games together and things like that.

HN: What were your statistics from last year?

SS: I threw for about 1,700 yards; 14 touchdowns and three INT's. But I broke my thumb in the seventh game of the season and I did not play again, so those stats are for seven games. I ran for at least 800 yards and had 12 or 13 rushing touchdowns.

As a sophomore, I threw for about 2100 yards and we went to the state championship, so I had more games to pick up yardage. I threw 14 touchdowns in my sophomore season, and I think that I had five picks. I ran for about 300 yards that year.

HN: Sean is considering several options at this time, which is typical of this time of year. Among the schools that he listed are: Virgina, West Virginia, Boston College, Penn State, Iowa, Rutgers, Virginia Tech and Maryland, but that is not a complete list of the schools that he has been hearing from.

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