Notes & Quotes: Ohio State

After a series of crunch time collapses, Iowa turned the tables Wednesday by beating Ohio State, 74-72, on a Jeff Horner jumper with :03 left in the game. Read what Horner had to say about his heroics along with postgame comments from Coach Steve Alford, Adam Haluska and Jack Brownlee in this Notes & Quotes Package.


Honored: Iowa honored its lone senior, point guard Jack Brownlee in a postgame ceremony. The former walk-on from Fort Dodge gave a short speech following a talk by coach Steve Alford.

Brownlee did not start the game. He played a career-high 17 minutes, and connected on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to end the first half. He was in the game down the stretch.

Milestone: Jeff Horner became the first player in Hawkeye history to score at least 1,000 points, hand out at least 400 assists and grab at least 400 rebounds. Sitting at 999 career points at tipoff, Horner drained a 3-pointer from the left wing with 16:39 to play before halftime.

Horner finished the game with 25 points, eight rebounds and eight assists without a turnover in 40 minutes. He knocked down the game winning jumper with 3 seconds on the clock.

Faces in the Crowd: Iowa punter David Bradley, wide receivers coach Lester Erb, former Iowa hoopers Brody Boyd and Jess Settles all were in the house.

Tip-Ins: Iowa announced the attendance at 11,157 based on tickets sold. The actual crowd came in at somewhere around 9,000-10,000…Ohio State shot 56.5 percent from the floor in the first half, while the Hawks were held to 37.9…The teams combined to shoot 9-21 from the 3-point line in the first half...Iowa shot 58.3 percent in the second half, while the visitors shot 51.7...Iowa committed just nine turnovers and won the rebounding battle, 30-27...The Hawkeyes shot 17 of 20 from the line.


Steve Alford

Opening Statement: This was a really great Big Ten basketball game with two teams really trying to fight for a win and knowing that there's still the possibility of the sixth seed out there.

I couldn't be more pleased with the way that our guys battled. We had a tough shooting half in the first half and didn't defend. All night, they made some big shots. This has been a team, for whatever reason, has been a hard matchup for us defensively.

All year, we've guarded pretty well. And this team has scored well against us. But our offense, we made plays. That was good to see.

Doug's 3-point play was huge. Jeff's shot obviously was very big. Seth and Alex, two freshmen, came in in an pivotal time in the game. We were really trying to rest some of the starters, and we get a six point lead with those guys in there.


What did you want to get out of that last possession?

A basket (laughter, long pause).

In a case like that, they had manned and zoned. They zoned Minnesota the last six or seven minutes at Minnesota. We thought they may do that again to us. They did.

For the most part, we did a lot of good things. We got the ball inside. We got some really good looks against their zone.

In the timeout, we set something up that was kind of against zone or man. But what's set up isn't what's important. It's players making plays. All that credit goes to the players. Jeff made a tremendous play and a great shot.

And he wanted the ball?

Yeah. He was terrific all night. He defended. He ran the show. He was vocal. Let alone the shots he made, just the way that he ran the club was very, very good.

Can you talk about Jack's shot at the end of the half?

It's just a fitting thing. Jack has been very patient. He's grown up wanting to be a Hawk all of his life. He's living out a dream.

I couldn't think of a better script for somebody like that. You give us a lot of momentum and get the crowd into it.

Then, he really played some pivotal minutes late in the game. He plays 17 minutes without a turnover. He's been really solid for us.

You got them in foul trouble early in the second half. Was the plan to go at them inside?

We wanted to attack the paint and be aggressive. We said (at halftime) that we hadn't defended the way we wanted to defend and we hadn't attacked them.

It wasn't really to get them in foul trouble, but to maybe ease the pressure on us by not having to make as many shots and getting to the line quicker. That was a key.

We got to the line quicker. And we got to the line and executed.

How nice is it to see guys make plays?

That's what you've got to be able to do. If you look across to those teams that are playing at that level, they're making plays in crucial times. That's what's fun about college basketball.

These guys have had to go through a lot. They're learning how to rescript things and redefine roles. Adam has been terrific, and Jeff came up big tonight.

And it wasn't just Jeff. Jeff made a huge shot. But Doug's dunk and executing the free throw was just as big. And that's not a role he's been in. We had a lot of guys make plays.

Was Dials' performance just a case of him being that good?

He's pretty good. (laughs) Dials has really matured as a player. Early in his career, he was really prone to foul trouble. He was a very poor foul shooter. And he wasn't much of a threat down low.

Other than Landry, and I'm not so sure if you even throw him in there, he's probably the most dominant low post player in our league. He was a handful. We kept sending a lot of people at him.

Two wins in a row. Could you talk about your team's confidence?

We've got 18 wins, and this gives us a chance. This keep the thing going. That's a great credit to them.

Michigan has had a week to get ready for us. It's going to be a tough battle. But it's going to be a must win on Saturday. We've just got to hope we can go up there and play well.


Jack Brownlee

Can you talk about the shot at the end of the first half?

I had confidence in myself to make a shot. I knew Jeff knew it was my senior nigh, and he would drive and kick it to me. I made the shot. I'm glad I could do anything to help us win.

How much fun was that?

It was a lot of fun. It was my last game here and I got to play a career high in minutes. Anything I could do to help this team win was just a lot of fun for me.

When you guys were running off the floor (at halftime) was it just a huge lift for you?

Yeah. In the locker room we sat around and said, you know, let's take that shot and run with it.

What did your dad say to you after the game?

He was pretty choked up. I was pretty choked up. He just said that he was proud of me.

How much does the hard work seem to have paid off?

It has paid off. But even if I didn't get that opportunity tonight, I was going to be happy and not change anything. But it was kind of icing on the cake for me.

Adam Haluska

On the last offensive play, what were you guys trying to get?

We knew we were going to have the ball in Jeff's hands the entire time. He said in the huddle that he wanted it. When you get the ball to him, good things happen. He proved it tonight.

I saw you grab Jeff's head like a basketball after the game. How long has it been since you guys felt this good after a game?

It's just a turnaround. We've had some highs and lows. But now, we're starting to get that edge back. The season is not over. People are trying to write us off. This is when we really mature and really come together as a group.

Jeff is really starting to play well the last couple of games. If we can get him to keep playing like that, who knows what this team can do.

Do you think he's back?

I think he's back. He told me at Penn State that his game flew in from Maui special delivery. He proved it tonight.

Jeff Horner

Did your game fly back in from Maui?

(Laughs) We were joking about that before the Penn State game. We were in the shootaround and I told a bunch of guys that it flew in on the red eye this morning.

I've shot the ball and we've got a couple of victories. That's the biggest thing.

Did you want the ball on the last possession?

We called timeout. I went over to coach and told him I wanted the ball. We set up a play. I kind of deviated from it. The shot was there, so I took it.

What did that feel like?

It felt pretty good, especially when you've had all the stuff that's been going in this year.

What defense were they in and what did you see?

They were in man-to-man. Coach thought that they might go zone just to mix it up a little bit. But they ended up in man-to-man and we just took advantage of it.

Was it Foster that you got by?

Yeah. Foster was guarding me most of the game.

Did you fake towards going inside and pull up?

I was supposed to come off a ball screen from Seth. I saw that he was playing me high side, so I crossed over to my left and pulled up. It was there, and it went in.

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