Carufel is Hauling in the Offers

Offensive linemen Matt Carufel (6-5, 288, 5.3) of St. Paul Cretin-Derham (Minn.) is sure to be one of the top tackle prospects in the country this fall and already has several offers to prove it. The Iowa Hawkeyes were the first school to offer Carufel, and he took in at least two Hawkeye home games in the fall of 2004. Read the latest on one of the country's most sought after linemen...

Carufel has offers from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Florida, Miami, Washington, Nebraska, Michigan and Michigan State. "My first offer was from Iowa last October," said Carufel. "I actually just got Nebraska's last week. They've all sent me the letter saying I have a full-ride."

Currently, Carufel denies a leader and says he'll consider all the schools recruiting. Among those he likes Minnesota, Notre Dame, Iowa, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Nebraska. "I'm not really thinking about any of that yet. I'm not anywhere near the point of looking at recruiting. I want to get the best education I can for free and I want to know I'll have a chance to play for a national championship. Also, I want to play for a coach that will help me improve and help me reach the next level."

Carufel benches 320 and can squat 425 five times. He also has a vertical jump of 26 inches. "I finish my blocks well and I run fast and hard for my size. I'm pretty physical and strong and I like to be aggressive. I just like dominating people. But I still want to work on my flexibility and long-distance speed. I want my feet to be quicker and get more downfield blocking."

Despite the Gophers being only 25 minutes from his house, Carufel says that distance won't be a factor. "I do know a lot of guys at Minnesota from my school. It's a nice place and they have a good team. They work really hard.

"I never really liked football a lot until the 9th grade and I kind of always liked Notre Dame. I got into it because I saw the movie, Rudy, but that's as deep as it goes. It's not like my whole family would all watch football together and follow the Irish. I also know several guys from Cretin-Derham who go there. I think they have like four of our graduates there."

He also has a Miami connection, since his offensive line coach is a good friend with Miami's line coach, Art Kehoe. "He talks about them a lot and I know they have a great program that wins every year."

3.8 GPA/Apr 9 ACT

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