Iowa-ISU Battle for Brant?

Dubuque Wahlert tight end Alex Brant will rank among the best in the state of Iowa in 2005. Despite that high praise, though, Brant still has yet to receive his first scholarship offer.

"Both Iowa and Iowa State have told me they want me to get stronger this spring, and become more of a physical player," said Brant. "They know about my athleticism and my ability to catch the ball, but they want to know that I can block from the tight end position, as well."

Brant plans to show both programs increased strength in attending their camps this summer. He also will consider attending camps at Wisconsin, Kansas, and Kansas State, all of whom have sent interest.

His older brother, Aaron, is the projected starting right tackle for the Cyclones this fall. So who will Aaron be cheering for when the Cyclones host the Hawkeyes?

"Well, I'm definitely going to be cheering for my brother individually, but I don't think I can take sides. There are a lot of Hawkeye fans in Dubuque," said Brant.

As far as his thoughts on the two in-state programs, Brant knows he has a good option at either one.

"You can't argue with Iowa's reputation right now and the current state of their football program. Their coaching staff is real nice, and you can tell they really want to get to know their players and work with them to make them better."

"Of course, my brother plays at Iowa State, and I have a great amount of knowledge of the program. Coach (Dan) McCarney is extremely enthusiastic and when I attended their camp you'd always see him clapping and encouraging people. Their entire coaching staff is very friendly," stated Brant.

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