Ed Miles Talks Spring Practice

Final Spring practice Q&A with Iowa's latest LEO linebacker, Ed Miles


We brought a little Tallahassee weather for you this spring, what do you know about that?

Yes, it has been kind of nice during spring camp this year for a change. I remember a couple of years ago it snowed like a foot or something like that. No, not really a foot, but it did snow. All aside, it has been cool to have good weather and a good spring.

What are you impressions of the 'new' defensive unit so far?

Man, we are tough. I know people are asking questions about us, but that is just the way it will be until we play. There are guys back there who have played three years. Green (Chad Greenway), (Abdul) Hodge, Antwan (Allen), and Jo (Jovon Johnson), there guys bring it to the table every down. They are all-Big Ten, baby, so we are not down. We just have new faces just like every other year. New faces at Iowa are tough and strong, though. Our coaches make sure of that.

Describe your journey here at Iowa a little bit.

Early on, it was tough and I am not gonna lie. Being a partial qualifier, you just have to work that much harder to succeed. I am on track to graduate new summer with a Health and Sports Management degree. I would like to hold off on using it, though, maybe make a little money playing football (laughs). However, we still have some work to do this spring and then on to next season.

Do you feel good knowing that you have a position that is yours unless you lose it?

Well, I would not say that, but I do feel good about my position on the team. In the end, if I play that is what I expect of myself but it is all about the team. My name is not spelled I-O-W-A, but I am part of it.

Do you have any expectations for this season?

We are going to win our first game, that is really all I am looking for. But if you tie me down, I say National Champs all the way, baby.

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