Iwebema Ready to Step Up

The next generation Iowa defensive end talks about Iowa's spring drills...


What are you learning this spring on the football field?

Just learning how to be a better defensive lineman. We are learning how to read blocks, beat our man, shoot and separate to get to the ball. Just the basic stuff we need to be great football players. That is what Coach Aiken is preaching, 'play your man, beat him, and then run to the ball.' That is how the defensive line played last year and that is what were are trying to do. We do not want it to drop off, we want to be the same place.

You are practicing against one of the best offensive lines in the nation, that has to make you a better football player, right?

These guys are darn good, no doubt. I am not even going to lie to you. They have their days, but then have their days when they are just on top of their game and unstoppable. They are a real good line.

Taking that even further, you are playing against player (at least 5) who have more than five games of starting experience in that offensive line.

It makes me feel good it is going to feel good. But, when you blow by these guys you feel like you just won the lottery sometimes. We got some of the best offensive lineman in the country, there is no doubt. I have never played against anybody as good as any of those guys. I will know for sure when we get in the Big Ten, but I doubt my mind will change. They are a damn good offensive line, and you can bank that.

The questions are going to be out there about you 'new' defensive linemen, what do you say to that?

We do not get respect until you earn it. You have got to earn that credit, you are just not going to just get it. Respect is what I want, and I am not even mad at people who are doubting us. Until we prove it the doubt is probably alright. But, come next August there will be no more doubt, you know what I mean? (smiles)

So, will you allow fans to call you Kenny IOwebema?

They can call me what they call me. As long as they are calling my name and it is a good thing, we will be alright. We will definitely go with that. I have actually had a lot of laughs just thinking about it. Also, I just cannot wait to get on that field.

What are you weighing in at right now?

I came to Iowa at like 215, was at 240 to end the season. Right now, I am at about 254. I would like another 10-15 pounds and I know the food at Hillcrest dorm might just take me over the edge.

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