California QB Considering Iowa

California QB conidering Iowa...

Which colleges have caught your eye up to this point? "I guess you could say I was impressed with Arizona and Arizona State while I was on my visits there. I liked their campus' and weight rooms. That really caught my eye. I have not visited anyone else, but in my research, I have liked what I have seen from Iowa, UCLA, and N' Western is a pretty impressive school."

What did you like about Arizona on your visit? "When I got to Arizona, it was pretty cool. Their whole staff was waiting on me when I got there. From their strength coach, to head coach, just the whole staff. That made me feel real special. They took me around on a golf cart, and we got to see the whole campus. All of the architectural was new and put together nicely. I do not know, they just made me feel real special. I also think their program is going to be really good real soon. They are definitely on the rise."

What about Arizona State? "They are very impressive because their facilities are so amazing. Their whole football area was so big. Their weight room is rated as the #1 weight room in the country by ESPN. I also liked how they practice. They never take a break. Everything is just going/going and going. I liked that a lot."

What attracts you to N' Western? "They were the one of the first schools to visit me. It was in February. I do not even know if that was legal (laugh), but their offensive coordinator came by. They try to sell their education. Education will get you everywhere. I am real interested in getting a great education. I like how they sell their education."

What about UCLA? "Being from California, they are who I watched growing up. Everyone says positive stuff about UCLA from around here. I have family members who played for UCLA in the Rose Bowl. They are always telling me great things about UCLA. From the outside, it looks great, but I am not sure how long Coach Dorrel is going to be there if they keep losing."

What are Iowa's positives? "From what I hear, their head coach is suppose to be the best in college football. They have started small QB's in the past and have sent them to the next level. They had Brad Banks (played for Hinds CC) and Drew Tate. They are shorter QB's, like myself. They have a track record of not looking at how tall you are."

When did Ole Miss start recruiting you? "The first thing I got from them was a phone call from my coach. It was kind of weird. I was wondering why a school in Mississippi would be calling a kid from California. They called like three days after my season was over. My coach sent Coach Orgeron a tape when he was at USC, and he brought it over to Ole Miss."

What do you know about Ole Miss? "I do not know much about Ole Miss. I just know from what I have read from the mail they have sent me and what Coach Nelson (assistant at Ole Miss) has told me. They are probably recruiting me harder than everybody else, and you have to take a look at any school that is that interested in you. As far as I know, their facilities are nice and they have an incredible indoor practice arena. They play in the SEC, and I know that football is pretty much a religion down South. That is what attracts me the most to Ole Miss. It would be really cool to play in an atmosphere like that."

What are going to be the factors for you when it comes decision time? "The two most definite factors for me will be the opportunity to play and play early. Having a chance to move on to the league and getting a great education after that. Location is not even a factor for me. I will play anywhere.

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