'Silent Rage' Happy to be Headed West

Pete McMahon talks about being selected in the 2005 NFL Draft

Q: How much did you help yourself at the combine?

Pete McMahon: For me, I don't have amazing 40 times or vertical jump or anything like that. The 40 and the timed running things weren't a huge deal for me. They could have been faster, I would have been happy with faster times, but I was happy with the times that I had. The big thing for me was the drills, the offensive line-specific drills that we did with the coaches. We worked with Kansas City's coach, the New York coach, they're down there in Arizona, running us through drills and stuff. The question with me throughout this whole process was my athleticism, and if I could move and things like that. I think I showed them that I can move around, that I'm not some un-athletic, big lineman who can't move. That helped me out more than the 40s and the change of direction drills and stuff like that.

Q: You're not going to be running a lot of forties as an offensive lineman anyway.

McMahon: No, I don't really run a lot of those.

Q: You kind of had to sell yourself a little bit, that's kind of what like you had to do coming out of high school. Are there some similarities there?

McMahon: Yeah, there are. Like you said coming out of high school I had to sell myself, this year I had to go into the combine with the attitude that I was going to show these guys that I was worth picking. Show them that they should want me on their team. I felt like I did that, I was prepared, I was ready for all the drills that we had to do . (Coach) Doyle did a great job getting us ready for all that. I was prepared, I went in and thought I did really well.

Q: Do you ever look back and think about 6 years ago, you were putting together film trying to get someone to notice you, now you're going to go play for some dough?

McMahon: Yeah, I know. I've come a long way in the past 5 years with all the coaching, I've gotten a lot bigger, stronger, faster. My technique has been my strong point, so I've kind of developed over the past 5 years, whereas some guys in the NFL developed a little earlier, in high school.

Q: Have you talked to Robert (Gallery)?

McMahon: Nope, haven't talked to him yet. He was back in town 6 weeks or so ago working out.

Q: When did (getting drafted) enter your mind as at least a remote possibility?

McMahon: Probably when I was a starter my junior year. After my junior year there was a lot more talk about it, I didn't really think of it until other people, media people, and things on the internet started up. End of my junior year and into my senior year it started to seem a little more possible. Even a little bit when you see Bruce Nelson and those guys, Eric Steinbach, a guy like Ben Sobieski who wasn't even a started and ends up getting drafted. When you're an offensive lineman at Iowa, the next thing you do is go play in the NFL.

Q: How gratifying is it for you (to be drafted)?

McMahon: I couldn't be happier. To get this opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance, so I'm just going to take advantage of that.

Q: What's your mindset, what's your approach? Are you going to take it on full boar? Sit back and watch, listen, kind of soak stuff in?

McMahon: I think I'm going to do both. I have something to prove, I have to go out and show that I belong there. I've got to go attack it, but while I'm doing that I have to take in the coaching and all the information they're giving me, be focused, not let the distractions get to me, stuff like that. I think it's a combination of both, I think the right balance of that will be successful.

Q: Is your playbook on the way yet?

McMahon: No, hopefully soon though, so I can start studying up.

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