WR Andrey Baskin Talks Top Five

New Jersey WR Andrey Baskin has been one of Iowa's top receiver targets for some time now, and in this latest update on his recruitment, the Hawkeyes are certainly mentioned in a positive light...

With the offers pouring in, Baskin has had a chance to go over his offers and go ofer them again. To that end, he's come up with what he calls his favorite five right now, but that's obviously tentative considering the early date.

Nonetheless, out of the immense amount of offers, Baskin said that right now, Tennessee, Michigan, Iowa, Florida and Nebraska are the schools he's looking at the most. "I can't say I know a ton about every single one of them, but what I have learned I like and each of them looks like they have opportunities for the future." Andrey said.

In regards to that future, Baskin said that he's looking to the end rather than the beginning, very much looking at taking recruiting, putting it as much on the back burner as he possibly can and concentrating on his final year.

After that, Andrey said that he'll be able to give the recruiting the attention it deserves. "Nothing is for sure right now, because it's too early," Andrey said. There's so much to get to know as far as the school, how I get along with the coaches, what style of offense they run, just a lot of stuff and I'll figure some of that out over the summer."

"After that, though, I look at my season, kind of look at how some of those schools I am looking at are doing, but really concentrate on it after my season is done."

"That's when I'll really know what I am doing."

Andrey caught 31 balls last year, scoring 8 times.

HawkeyeNation.com's Take

Baskin has been one of Iowa's top WR targets for some time now, and most of the recent updates have not been as favorable to Iowa as this one. If he can make it out to camp at Iowa this summer, that will be a big feather in Iowa's camp. Woodrow Wilson High School is familiar territory to Iowa assistant coach Darrell Wilson, as he was the head coach at the school from 1988-1995. Will his Jersey connections be enough to continue the pipeline?

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