Let the Bohannon Watch Begin

Linn-Mar guard Jason Bohannon, son of former Iowa quarterback Gordy Bohannon, verbally committed to the Wisconsin Badgers on Tuesday. The Des Moines Register 1st Team All State guard might be the best basketball player in the Hawkeye state, and his decision, and the possible scenario that led up to it, will be debated amongst Hawkeye fans for years to come. Jon Miller breaks down those scenarios in this special feature...

The commitment of Cedar Rapids' Jason Bohannon to Bo Ryan's Wisconsin Badgers is not the end of his story in these parts; rather, it is a beginning of sorts.

There are thousands of Iowa Basketball fans that feel this is yet another blow, real or in the real of public relations, to the program, when perhaps the best basketball player in Hawkeye State chooses a competitor in the Big Ten Conference over the practically hometown Hawkeyes.

Throw in the fact that his father (Gordy) was the quarterback for the 1981 Big Ten Football Champions, one of the most revered teams and most remembered seasons in Iowa football history, and that is more than just a mere footnote to the story for some.

I posted early in the day on Tuesday, the day that the younger Bohannon had selected to hold a press conference, that the rumblings I had been hearing regarding Bohannon's impending commitment to Wisconsin might not be as disappointing as some would like to believe, based on some things I had been hearing from multiple sources.

Here is what I posted yesterday, in case you missed it: CLICK HERE

Whether or not that is accurate, or to what degree it is or is not accurate, I cannot say. I can say that that ‘story' was consistent from the people that I spoke with.

At his press conference on Tuesday, Bohannon maintained that four schools still had offers on the table for him; Wisconsin, Stanford, Vanderbilt and Iowa.

So the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Here are the aspects that I find significant:

First, Iowa is putting their eggs in a basket that includes Isaiah Dahlman and Trevon Hughes, the first from Minnesota and the latter from Wisconsin, committing to the Hawkeyes. If Iowa could land both of those players, that would conclude a very solid class. If they land one of two, one might argue that losing Bohannon was a wash, saving the in state and Bohannon-name factor. If they land neither, one could argue that Iowa played a pretty serious game of Iowa Hold'em, the flop looked real good, but they got punked on The River.

Next, say Bohannon goes on to have a solid career at Wisconsin. Regardless of the recruits that Iowa lands to fill out their remaining two scholarships, there will be a ‘Bohannon Watch' and comparing what he does to the players that Iowa will sign with the remaining two recruits.

Just think back to how you followed the careers of Raef LaFrentz and Nick Collison at Kansas. While I do not think that Bohannon's departure to Wisconsin is anywhere near the losses of LaFrentz or Collison, much of this ‘Bohannon Watch' will depend on what happens with Dahlman and Hughes. For those of you thinking, ‘What about Kirk Hinrich?', he committed to Iowa State when Tim Floyd was their coach, and after Floyd left for the Chicago Bulls, Hinrich changed his commitment to the Jayhawks. He exploded onto the national scene after a great summer camp circuit, and was not considered a ‘can't miss' prospect at the time he committed to Iowa State. None of this is meant to be a slight to the Clones, rather, just pointing out that Iowa's not landing him during the lame duck Davis years is not on the same level as LaFrentz or Collison, or even in the argument.)

One thing to keep in mind amidst all of this is that the Hawks offered Bohannon shortly after he led Linn-Mar to the 2004 4-A State Title as a sophomore. He had nearly a year to commit to Iowa while the offer was still on the table, if you believe the version of his recruitment that I posted in the link above. So he could have been a Hawkeye if he really wanted to be a Hawkeye.

That is not a license to rip him for leaving the Hawkeye State, rather a statement of fact in light of what I posted on Tuesday morning.

Perhaps Bohannon did not want to be a Hawkeye, regardless of which version of his story you want to believe.

If that is the case, and we might never know if it is or not, then it begs several questions, the first and most significant being ‘Can Iowa no longer land the best preps from within its borders?'

Again, it's up to you what you want to believe.

This story is going to continue to unfold over the next several weeks and months as we wait to see what Dahlman and Hughes are going to decide to do.

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