Interest in Arnaud Picking Up; Talks Hawks

Iowa quarterback Austen Arnaud (6-3, 205, 4.8) has received recent attention from both Nebraska and Kansas State this past week as coaches from both programs have visited this top prospect from Ames High School. Arnaud also nailed a third offer from Houston. Read the latest from the Ames Iowa prep, as well as several positive comments relating to the University of Iowa.

"Coaches from both Nebraska and Kansas State have visited my school this past week. From what I heard, Kansas State is close to offering me, but I don't know about Nebraska," said Arnaud.

"My top five right now is Iowa State (first to offer), Iowa (offer), Kansas State, Nebraska and Houston. Iowa State and Iowa still have a slight lead on the other schools out there in my top five," he said.

"I liked how Iowa State was the first program to call me up when coaches were allowed to start calling recruits. I got to talk with coach (Todd) Fitch (quarterbacks) for about 10-15 minutes, and I was really impressed with them being the first to call me. That just went to show how hard they are trying to recruit me.

"I like how Iowa is a winning program and how they've got a great coaching staff there. They're all some great guys. One of their coaches was at my school a few weeks ago. I also like them because they're an in-state school. Coach (Reese) Morgan (offensive line) has been down to visit like three or four times--once during the fall, once during the winter and he also came out for one of my track practices.

"The coaches at Iowa are some real top of the line guys and I really like that about them," said Arnaud. "I've already been there about four or five times for their JR Day, a game they played against Ohio State last season, and for one of their basketball games. I really like what I've seen there on those trips and I also really like the environment of the campus and of the surrounding area.

"The city there just feels big even, though it's really not. I've also known a lot of people that have gone on to college there from Ames, so it would be nice to go someplace and know some people. None of the people that I know that have gone there have ever been teammates of mine.

"The schools that I like right now have shown a lot of interest in me, so I'm going to show my interest in them," he said.

Arnaud has been to JR Days at both Iowa and Iowa State. This summer he said that he has plans to unofficially visit Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State and Nebraska. "I really would like to also get out to Houston, but that would be a long journey for me," he said.

2.6 GPA/June 11 first-time ACT

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