Reese's Pieces

Iowa Recruiting Coordinator Reese Morgan was the featured speaker last night at the West Des Moines Marriott. Coach Morgan talked recruiting and much more at the event sponsored by the Polk County 'I' Club. Here are the highlights of his presentation.......

1. Nathan Chandler as tall as Robert Gallery and Eric Steinbach. Nate is lifting with them and weighs 260 lbs.

2. Brad Banks will enter spring practice as the #1 QB. Last season was Brad's first in the system compared to Kyle McCann's fifth year.

3. RB Jermelle Lewis has been re-instated. He was qualified last season by NCAA standards but not by Iowa's. Although he is very talented, Jermelle is behind some very good players.

4. All three redshirt freshman offensive linemen(Larsen, Cronin, Ferentz) are outstanding and will compete to be in the two deeps.

5. Redshirt freshmen likely to make an impact this year include Antwan Allen, Chad Greenway, Abdul Hodge and Ed Hinkel. He also likes the future of redshirt sophomore DL Jonathan Babineaux, out last year with a broken leg..

6. Ben Sobieski has gotten a 6th year. In recent review of game film, Ben dominated his man when he was healthy. Another year with Chris Doyle will hopefully protect him better against injury. If Ben is healthy enough to start, the line could be awesome.

7. TE position is very deep. He called Tony Jackson a physical speciman. C.J. Barkema now has 270 lbs. on his 6-7 frame. Andy Thorn has really come on.

8. Fred Russell has improved his pass catching. Coaches have to figure out how to get him more involved in the offense.

9. DL Colin Cole may swing between DE and DT this spring. He has emerged into a team leader in the weight room and the class room.

10. This year's class was recruited to their needs. May still get a walk-on punter. Justice Hairston is a between the tackles runner with more speed than Betts.

11. There will be at least 2 position switches but would not elaborate. Four sets of player's parents were in attendance(Greving, Clauss, Follett and Mikkelson)

12. Mike Follett came to Iowa at 208 lbs. and now looks skinny at 234. He has been a pleasant surprise at OLB.

13. On the punting game they expect improvement this spring from David Bradley and John Gallery. In addition, Ryan Molinaro is back on the team after a year out of school taking care of family problems.

14. The top recruit in the class was David Porter when he got a fifth year. At 6-7, 315 lbs. he could be very special at right tackle. David will attend medical school while his wife is in her second year of law school.

15. Cervantes and Mickens will enter spring practice 1-2 at fullback. Look for more one back sets in the offense this year like was used in the Alamo Bowl. Does this mean a position switch?

more tomorrow.........

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