Hawk Blog: A Mixed Bag

It's hodge-podge time, as we are in the third week of May with Iowa's football camp a couple of weeks into the future. That is when recruiting news and interest will pick up and such items will begin to take more of a center stage with this column. But Jon Miller's mind…

May 23rd, 2005

I get the fact that the Des Moines Register feels compelled to cover the Pierre Pierce situation, given that the alleged February incident took place in Dallas County in the Des Moines Metro.

But I am so ready for this chapter of Iowa Basketball to disappear into the rearview mirror. I do not say that with callous disregard for the alleged victim; I say it because Iowa continues to be tied with Pierce, a young man that has made horrible decisions in his four years of being associated with the Iowa Hawkeyes.

He continues to sully Iowa's reputation, even though he was kicked off the team back in February. I am just glad that he will never wear an Iowa uniform again, that is for certain.

Meanwhile, in Central Iowa…

I caught a bit of Larry Cottlar's interview with Dan McCarney on 1460 KXNO last week, and the subject of Jason Berryman came up. Mac said that he has had several meetings with Jason, as well as with his current players. He said the contents of those conversations would remain confidential, and I can certainly respect that.

I also have a great deal of respect for Dan McCarney.

And I would be willing to bet a month's worth of mowing Steve Deace's yard that Berryman will be in uniform against the Hawkeyes come September, but for the audience of the court of public opinion, it's just being strung out.

Speaking of the Clones…

A few weeks back I noted that there were a LOT of ISU fans living in my neighborhood in West Des Moines. I have met a few of them, and I have come to the conclusion that their blood is red just like mine…good folks, good Iowans. Having met some of them will make it hard to ‘hate' ISU, in the sports rivalry sense of the word.

I met one mother of two young children on Friday night in my neighborhood who has a tattoo of the ISU logo on the top of her foot. Yes, on the top of her foot. That had to hurt. Her husband is a Hawk fan, and they have one of those ‘divided house' type of license plate borders. At least the diamonds in her wedding ring did not bear the ISU logo…

Speaking of Diamonds…

Iowa's Softball team was eliminated from post-season play on Sunday, falling to Washington by a score of 2-0. Iowa opened regional play by losing to the home school Nebraska Cornhuskers, then they beat Creighton in an elimination game and avenged their loss to Nebraska. That meant they had to beat Washington twice in a row, but they could not accomplish that feat.

Iowa's baseball team traveled to Champaign, Illinois over the weekend to take on the Big Ten leading Illini in a four game set. The upstart Hawkeyes won three of four, but Illinois still won the Big Ten regular season title. Iowa surprised everyone in the league by securing the third seed and they will play Minnesota in the first round of the Big Ten playoffs. Hats off to Jack Dahm's squad. With a great recruiting class in the books, the future of Iowa baseball has not looked so good for a long time.

Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars

Talk about anticlimax...it's not that the movie wasn't good and the experience even better, it's just the reality of waiting so long for something and then in a couple of hours, its over.

That's the good thing about waiting for Iowa football...more than eight months will have passed since the Cap One Bowl win when Iowa takes the field against Ball State...but at least we get four months of drama and excitement.

We have to wait three years in between Star Wars movies, and in what amounts to two quarters of football and the half time show, that's all, folks.

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