Jon Miller's Preseason Poll Ballot

Jon Miller's Preseason Poll ballot asked selected publishers to compile a preseason Top 25 poll for our various team preseason previews. Hawkeye Nation's Jon Miller was asked to take part in this poll, and below is his preseason ballot entry that was among the ballots cast.

You can find the results of's poll at this link. Iowa was rated 9th in's inaugural poll.

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Texas
4. Tennessee
5. Virginia Tech
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan
8. Purdue
9. Florida
10. Miami
11. Iowa
12. Louisville
13. Texas A & M
14. Oklahoma
15. Florida State
16. Georgia
17. Minnesota
18. Penn State
19. Georgia Tech
20. UCLA
21. Texas Tech
22. Fresno State
23. Arizona State
24. Miami University
25. Iowa State

Voter's Note: The criteria that Jon used to cast his ballot was how these teams looked on paper in the month of May, and are not necessarily reflective of where he feels each team will finish the season

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