Rowell Feeling Optimistic About Qualifying

Chris Rowell was the second to last commit in Iowa's nationally regarded 2005 recruiting class. He is also still waiting to see if he will have all of the requirements for admission into Iowa City, and spoke with him to get an update on his status.

Q: Do you know anything more on where your academics stand for admission?

ROWELL: I took the SAT test on Saturday at Ohio State when I was running in the state track meet. So far, everything looks great. I took a couple of classes over and got a couple of A's. I think that I should qualify without a problem.

This is the first time I took the SAT. I have taken the ACT a few times before. The first and third times were my best scores. The English and Reading sections were the areas that I had the most problems with, but I got the Reading part down. The English part is still not together yet, and that is what has brought my score down. I did real well in Science and Math.

I wasn't looking for a particular part to study on the first couple of times I took it (ACT). The first time I was in the 11th grade, and I just went in and took it. Then I started to take some college prep classes and studied, and I did better on the Math section. Then I studied on Reading and English, I got the Reading part down. So now it was time for the English section. I proved that I could get better with studying in the other parts, and I feel great about the SAT that I just took. I had studied since I have been out of school for two weeks. No one had to tell me to do it; I did it consistently for an hour and a half a day and even took some older tests to get ready. I want to say that I will get the scores on June 20th for the SAT.

Q: So you are feeling pretty optimistic that you will be at Iowa this fall?

ROWELL: Right. This weekend, Trey Stross and I are supposed to come down on Sunday until July 1st. We will get the feel for the campus and get away from home for a while. When we get back home, Trey and I are going to train together. We are going to the same school, so why not have a future teammate to work out with? We will probably end up best friends going down and coming out. I spoke with him this past weekend, as he won the state title in the high jump.

Q: How did you do at the state track meet?

ROWELL: I placed 3rd in the 100, we placed 5th in the 4 x 200 and I placed 8th in the 200. It wasn't too bad, but the 200 was all heart. It was blazing hot and I was fatigued. I stretched out under the shade. I had a great start, but my finish was not good in the 200. But I felt great about the 100.

Q: The last time we spoke, you were looking forward to getting out of Cleveland and starting a new chapter of your life. Is it starting to feel more real, with your senior year being completed?

ROWELL: I am just looking forward to going somewhere else. On my visit, I really liked Iowa City. We had some dead time on the Saturday of my visit, and I took it upon myself to walk around the city before we went out to eat. I really liked it. It was quiet. Just because the students were not there did not bother me. I walked through the malls. I went a few places by myself, just walking around trying to get familiar. I had to ask a few people where I was and how to get back, but that was fine. I have been waiting on this time for so long to come, and August is not too far away at all.

Q: Iowa fans have read a lot about your hitting prowess, as your high school coach said you were the best player he has ever coached, and that you are just a big time hitter. There have been a few mentions to Bob Sanders when they have read things like that.

ROWELL: I will come there and work as hard as I can. It would be great to have a career like Bob did, and make a name for myself and have people looking up to me the way they look up to Bob. I hope to have a great impact on special teams right away and go from there.

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