Tebow Still Eyeing Iowa

Tim Tebow, one of the nation's most highly recruited quarterbacks, remains interested in the Iowa Hawkeye program. Find out how the Tebow family has developed a relationship with one Hawkeye assistant based on the recruitment of his older brother and whether he feels there is a good chance he will make a visit to Iowa City at some point.

I enjoyed the experience of meeting Tim Tebow while in attendance at the Scout.com US Army All-American Combine this past January, and before I even knew the caliber of recruit he was, I was quickly impressed with his wit and overall physical build.

It appeared to me that even with 700 hundred plus kids in attendance, Tebow easily passed the eyeball test to make me believe he was one to watch. After being informed of who he was, I watched closely, as he displayed terrific ability. That ability has helped lead to him being one of the most highly recruited quarterbacks in the nation, in addition to being one of the most enjoyable kids to talk with.

"Iowa is a program that I definitely have some interest in, and continue to research," said Tebow. "It all starts with Coach (Kirk) Ferentz, and how good of a guy he is. Just to know where he has taken that program, looking at the fact they've had three straight top ten finishes and how he has done it with lesser talent is what has caught my interest."

Tebow stated that he currently has around 17 to 18 schools in which he remains interested in, and hopes to narrow that down as he nears the fall period. Iowa will obviously have its work cut out to make the final list, but there is a family connection that has helped Tebow gain familiarity with the Iowa program a bit faster.

"Coach (Darrell) Wilson is the one that stopped by my high school, and he recruited my older brother (Robbie) back when he coached at Rutgers. We've had him inside our house before, so our entire family felt comfortable with him and we all liked him," stated Tebow.

As far as his main criteria in choosing what schools he will decide to visit, Tebow is not one who will look at the depth chart first.

"The first thing I'm going to look at is the coaching staff. I want to know that I'm playing for a good coach, who will play you based on your ability rather than seniority. I know that I will have to win the job where ever I choose to go, but I want to know that the coach is playing the right man based on a fair decision. I've had a lot of promises made to me, some which I have trusted and others that I have not, but the honesty of the staff is what will be the most important to me," said Tebow.

Tim will take off for the Phillipines on July 2nd on a mission, and will return two days in advance of the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp, to which he has been selected, leaving him no time to make summer visits.

Either way, he insists it would be naive of himself to make a decision at the Elite 11 Camp, as most of its participants have done in the past, and plans to leave his decision open until after the season.

"Take a program like Nebraska, for example, where they have a new coaching staff," added Tebow, who set Florida high school records for total yards in a season last year. "I know they haven't done all that well the past few years, but I really would like to sit back and see how they progress, which is the same with a lot of programs. I haven't set anything in stone yet and I will make my choices when I feel the time is right."

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