Drew Newhart Camps at Iowa & Purdue

Drew Newhart, one of the top quarterbacks in the Midlands, participated in two team camps this past week at Purdue and the University of Iowa. Newhart talks about each of the experiences as well as where he stands on each of their lists.

Drew Newhart is not going to sweep you off your feet with the razzle dazzle, a cannon for an arm, or even the most physical build, but he has key intangibles, such as heart and athleticism that he could remind both Purdue and Iowa of two of their school's most productive quarterbacks; Drew Brees and Drew Tate.

"I just went into both camps wanting the opportunity to compete, and I walked away knowing I gave it my best out there," said Newhart. "I couldn't say I enjoyed one camp more than the other as they were both great times, and I gained a wealth of knowledge. I got to work with quarterback coaches that have developed guys like Drew Brees, Kyle Orton, and Drew Tate."

While heart can certainly take you far, you still need have a well-rounded game to work with, and Newhart learned of some areas where he excelled and needed work.

"Iowa was really impressed with my feet, and how well I was able to move around. They thought I lacked some arm strength, though, and getting the ball to the point of attack on time. Purdue told me that I cup the ball which takes away some velocity. They said that I don't do it all the time, but enough that it takes off my throws so that is something I have to work on," said Newhart.

He also was re-affirmed perhaps the most important characteristic of a quarterback.

"I already knew this, but both coaches really stamped it into your mind how much leadership a quarterback must show. I have to be the one to take charge, and lead by example, and I really have to be focused on making sure we reach our objectives as a team this fall. Both schools told me they wanted to wait to see how I develop during my senior season, and I know leading my team well would be a huge strength," commented Newhart.

Newhart noted that he felt he did enough at both camps to walk away confident he was one of the better quarterbacks in attendance.

Now time will tell if it was enough to earn him a scholarship. He still enjoyed the experience, nonetheless.

"I will tell you there was some serious speed with the group of wide receivers that Iowa had at their camp, and it just got me excited to think of who I could be throwing to in college," said Newhart.

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