Brunner Looking Lean and Mean

Greg Brunner made his PTL debut Monday night. Although he fought fatigue after a layoff, Iowa's senior forward showed off an impressive physique after a rigorous offseason workout routine. caught up with the Charles City native and talked about his newfound fitness, his invitation to try out for the World University Games, his thoughts about how last season ended and high expectations for '05-06 in this premium Q&A package.

Your a lean, mean, fighting machine now, huh?

Yeah. It's a little bit easier to get up and down the court, except for tonight. I'm not in up and down shape. I'm in individual workout shape. I've still got to get to that point where I can run for longer.

How did you get the weight off?

Working out three times a day. Coach Maxwell and the coaching staff did a good job, Coach Alford and Coach Neal, especially. They really harped on me at being at 245. I'm a little bit leaner than that now. It's helped to much. I was doing pull-ups the other day with 15 pounds of dumbbells on me. I was giving Coach Maxwell crap because that's what I used to do at 260. I'm cheating everybody else because they have to do it with their normal weight.

Were you 260 last year?

Yeah. I played at about 260 or 263. I'm down to 240, 245 now.

Was it diet, too?

Definitely. Coach Maxwell worked really hard working on that diet and just eating smaller meals five times a day. I'm a big farm boy, so I like to eat. So, I've kind of trained myself not to indulge as much as I usually do.

How might losing the weight help you against taller post players?

My sophomore year was when I put on the weight when Reiner got hurt and I got bumped to center when Sonderleiter left. That's the reason I put on the weight so fast. I just never lost it. Now, I have the muscle mass and the strength that I didn't have my sophomore year. It kind of equals itself out now.

What did you think of your first game out here tonight?

It was fun. I was still a little bit of a step slow and just. We had a good time. It was just getting used to playing with the guys and just getting used to playing as a team. I thought we did a good job tonight. We had out ups and downs.

What's going on this summer?

Just preparing for tryouts (for the USA Basketball World University Games Team). Jeff and I are just trying to get into the gym to work out for those and just trying to get our team prepared for next year.

How exciting was it to get selected to try out?

It's just an honor; two of 20. Iowa is the only school in the nation with two players going out for it. Hopefully Jeff and I are going to represent the state the way it should be represented.

Coach said he is going down there (Dallas) to work some politics?

I think they're going to go down there to play some golf and politic a little bit. Hopefully he plays a little bit of golf and a lot of politicking.

What did you focus on in your individual workouts this spring?

Basically getting into shape and staying fit and getting the body mass down. It's helped me out a lot. I've been a lot quicker down below. You didn't really see it today, but I think my defense has improved on the outside.

Did you work on any certain post moves or anything?

I worked on everything. I've always said that working on one individual thing is going to make you great. I'm doing everything I can to work on everything at one time and hopefully bring up my whole game.

Several months removed, how do you look back at that NCAA Tournament experience?

It was worth it, but I wish we wouldn't have laid an egg on national television. What can you do? We came out and we didn't play very well and we still were within three points to a very good team. Hopefully we can make a better run next year.

What do you think of the preseason rankings where guys like Katz and Vitale have you rated pretty high?

Yeah. I saw Vitale picked us No. 9. That's just something to roll with. It's motivation. You don't want to let anybody down. It's our last year. Hopefully Jeff and I being from the state of Iowa, we've shown what being a Hawkeye is all about. Hopefully we can get the support and the attendance that we need and have a good season.

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