Solomon Focusing on Fundamentals

Reporters aren't the neatest, organized people in the world. Sometimes we forget our pens or notebooks. Sometimes we tape interviews that we don't use in their entirety or at all. Well, in cleaning off some tapes the other day, I found a few interviews from spring football. Hey, better late than never. The first was a conversation with Iowa Senior Wide Receiver Clinton Solomon. Who knows what else we might find in the coming days?

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

My goal is to just get better as a receiver. My main thing is to come out here and focus on blocking and running better routes. Catching the ball is more of a concentration thing. It takes concentration to catch the ball.

My main thing that didn't go well with me last year was my route running and my blocking. I come out here every day trying to get my blocking better and my route running better.

What goes into making that happen?

Shoot. Just hard work. I watch film. I go against one of the best secondaries there is. Going against Jovon and Antwan Allen each day, one-on-one, helps me a lot with my releases on the line; getting in and out of my breaks. Trying to block safeties like Miguel Merrick and Charles Godfrey helps. I work hard each day going against the best guys. I don't have any choice but to get better as long as I work at it.

How does you role change this year?

Me and Ed Hinkel are looked upon because we're the oldest group on the team. We take a lot of the leadership role. We try to get the younger guys going. More important, we're trying to get the practice going; get the tempo set right. We practice hard so everybody follows behind us.

How important is it to not be the senior class in recent memory that drops off from this great run the program has had?

That's all about working hard. Coach Doyle tells us each year that we're trying to build a mountain. Building that mountain means that each year you're going up a step. So, this year we're looking to make bigger strides.

What does Drew do for an encore? He had such an amazing first season.

Drew is great. Drew is an amazing quarterback. He gets the ball to us. He's working on a couple of things. He's probably working on moving around in the pocket more. (Laughs) I don't know. I couldn't tell you. But we're going to have a great quarterback for the next few years here at Iowa.

Is he as serious as he seems? Whenever he talks to the media, he never really jokes around.

That's how Drew is. When he's in the huddle, he says, "You shut up. You shut up. And you shut up." You want to get the play going. That's the kind of guy he is. He's serious, but he also likes to have fun.

What's his lighter side like?

He'll say, "Let's go cuz or let's get it going." He likes to make jokes. He'll look at me like, "What's up slim? You ready cuz? Let's get moving." He's a Down South kid, so he'll have a little fun here and there.

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