Terrific Two's Teamwork Tames Boilers

The Hawks looked like they did in December as they mauled Purdue 87-72. Teamwork was obviously lacking as the Hawks took a shellacking in most of the games in 2002. However, yesterday was like Christmas in March as the Hawks jelled in a very impressive performance..........

Luke Recker and Reggie Evans played together Thursday like all the pre-season forecasters said they would. Teamwork, defense and passing, elements of the game that have been missing from the Hawks performance in the palindrome, were very evident at Conseco Fieldhouse. Voila, the Hawks meshed together Thursday reminiscent of the Missouri and Iowa State road win poundings in in December.

Luke Recker led the Hawks with 25 points in a near perfect shooting performance. Almost flawless field firing from all ranges left Recker with 9 out of ten shooting. However, his passing and teamwork were a sight for sore eyes. Luke played as of he has something to prove.

The Joker, Reggie Evans, kicked Boiler butt on the boards as he tied his tournament record performance 18 rebounds. Reggie added 19 points in a dominant double double performance to complete the duet. His performance helped allow the center combo of Sonderleiter and Reiner to contribute with 9 points.

Glen Worley added 9 points as did the Pierre Pierce. The Dugger Deadeye, Brody Boyd, served up a couple of treys to the delight of the Hawk fans making the trek to Indianapolis.

Can the Hawks play again like they did yesterday? If so, they can possibly duplicate their improbable tourney run of last year.

Wisconsin, the #1 seed, will be the Hawks next opponent in the quarterfinal at 1 p.m. Friday.

Although ninety per cent shooting will be difficult to duplicate in the next game, the passing and teamwork that Recker demonstrated against Purdue could return and help carry the Hawks against Wisconsin. Especially with a healthy Evans being the strongman of old in the paint.

Iowa is obviously more talented than Wisconsin. However, Wisconsin employs great teamwork and defense to overcome their lack of talent and numbers. Will the teamwork return today for Iowa? That will determine how long the Hawks stay in Indianapolis.

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