QB Arvell Nelson Still Open to Suitors

After watching some of their top quarterback prospects make verbal commitments to other schools this spring, Iowa's pool of prospects with offers at the position is beginning to look at bit thin. There is one prospect with an Iowa offer who has kept his recruitment wide open, and he is Arvell Nelson. He is also a player that many feel is becoming one of the best in the Midwest at his position.

You cannot argue with the success that Ted Ginn, Sr. has had as the head coach at Glenville High School (Ohio).

He has sent numerous prospects onto the Division I level, and some of those players have been national elite talent. This fall might showcase one of the largest contingents of his players who could sign D-1 letters of intent.

Iowa has taken notice of more than a few of those prospects, including quarterback Arvell Nelson, who received an offer after a strong camp performance.

"Coach (Ken) O'Keefe called me during the month of May, and really expressed how strong of an interest they had in me," Nelson said. "He said I was one of the top quarterbacks on their board, and then they extended a scholarship offer after I returned home from their camp."

Part of the reason the Hawkeye staff was so impressed is his grasp of the offense that Glenville employs.

"First, they just liked the fact I have a strong arm and obviously having legitimate height at 6'4. They weren't worried about my weight as they said they could do that when I got there. The one area they told me to work on was getting more depth on my drops. I was only getting back about six yards, and they wanted me to drop back at least eight yards," stated Nelson.

Nelson is one of a few prospects Iowa has offered from Glenville.

"Iowa has really targeted Royce (Adams), Derrick (Smith), and me," Nelson continued. "They said they'd love to sign three prospects from the same school as they hadn't done it before. They felt it would be quite an accomplishment for us, as well."

Coach Ginn has certainly given encouragement for his players to give the Hawkeye program a strong look.

"He told me he'd really like to see me at Iowa if that is where I felt I should go. He knows their coaching staff very well, and told me he was certain that they'd take care of me if I decided to go there," Nelson said.

Nelson believes he has around 13 offers and he named a few schools who he is most interested in at this time.

"Right now, I'd say Ohio State, Iowa, Syracuse, Wisconsin and North Carolina are probably my top schools. Ohio State is the only school that hasn't offered, but they are waiting on word from a quarterback in Georgia. If he goes elsewhere, then it's a pretty good chance I will receive an offer," said Nelson.

I had to ask if the presence of Ohio State would be too much to pass on.

"Really, I'm open to other schools and an offer from them would mean as much as the offers I have received from the five schools I just mentioned," Nelson said. "If Ohio State were to offer that doesn't mean I would jump on it."

Lastly, Nelson had some positive things to say about Iowa's program.

"I felt real comfortable at Iowa, and they have some very nice facilities. You can't go wrong with the success of the program, either. All of the quarterbacks on their depth chart are currently juniors, and I would have to battle a freshman for the starting spot so I would have a legitimate shot at playing early."

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