IL LB Kevin Green Favors Hawkeyes

Illinois linebacker/running back Kevin Green (6-2, 200, 4.7) said Iowa now enjoys just a slight lead over Purdue and that both programs lead strongly over Western Michigan, Boston College, Minnesota, Louisville and Duke. Green maintains that all have offered.

"If I had to decide right now," said the youngster from North Chicago Community High School, "I'd probably pick Iowa--but it would be a very tough decision. Both schools have good academics, but the Iowa coaches have a little bit of an edge with me. I don't really know all of the coaches at Purdue yet, and I've probably been there 3-4 times.

"But I do know all the coaches at Iowa. It seems like the coaches at Iowa are a little easier to be comfortable around and I've been there 2-3 times. I really like Kirk Ferentz. He acts more like a friend or player, than a coach.

"The coach I'm closest to at Purdue is Mark Hagen," said Green. "He coaches special teams and is my recruiter from the school. He's cool and he can talk with me about anything and he gives me good explanations to anything I ask about.

"One of the reasons I like Iowa and Purdue is because I don't think either would pull my scholarship if I got injured. I've heard of some other schools that would do that.

"Schools are recruiting me for both linebacker and running back. I'll play either position. I actually think I'm a little better at running back, but you should probably list me at linebacker.

"I never got to go to the camp at Notre Dame. The only two camps I went to are Iowa and Purdue's. I didn't get timed in the forty at either one.

"I'll try to make my choice around mid-season," he said. "I'll try to take 4-5 official trips and I've already got one set for Purdue when they play Iowa (10/8). I think I'll also officially visit Iowa, Western Michigan and maybe Duke.

"I've never gotten an offer from Illinois. I have no idea why. They've offered everybody else in the state except for me, it seems.

"My parents don't have any preference for me. They just want me to get a good education and would probably like me to play closer to home. Both Iowa and Purdue are about the same distance away from me."

3.4 GPA/19 ACT--"I'll probably retake it in the fall or the winter just to see if I can get a higher score. I'm already qualified."

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