Hawkeyes Atop Edds List

Indiana linebacker/tight end A.J. Edds (6-4, 217, 4.6) said he now favors Iowa (offer, camp) just slightly over Purdue (offer), Georgia Tech (offer, camp), Ohio State (camp) and Notre Dame.

"I'd say Iowa has just a light lead over Purdue, if I had to pick," said the youngster from Greenwood Community High School in Greenwood. "But they don't have much of an advantage. You're always looking for the right fit. I think I could do well at Iowa and they are recruiting me as a tight end, which is a position I think I could play.

"I think Iowa has the components to continue to do well. They don't want me to take my official visit there until after the season, but my dad and I might visit there in late July and hopefully get to meet some people. I'd like to go to law school eventually and Iowa has a law school on campus.

"Purdue is only an hour an a half away. They want me mainly to play linebacker. I'll be glad to play wherever I can see action quicker. Most people categorize me as a linebacker and I think that's because of the film that has been sent out. But I can catch well and I can get up field. I have good speed. But I'm not real big enough to be a good blocker yet," he said. "Last year I caught 26 balls for 544 yards. Georgia Tech is actually thinking of me as an athlete-type.

"Both Ohio State and Notre Dame are recruiting me. Ohio State wants to see my senior film. That's what they told me at their camp. I wanted to camp at Notre Dame, but couldn't because of a conflict.

"I'd like to narrow it down to a top two by the start of the season," said Edds. "Once the season starts, I'd like to concentrate more on my team, not recruiting. I figure I'll decide maybe half-way through the season, though. Both Purdue and Georgia Tech don't mind if I take my official trips during the season."

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