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Spring break is next week, but the fun will really begin starting in two weeks when spring practice begins for the 02' Hawkeyes. has gathered up the latest, including information on QB Nathan Chandler, in our latest edition of Inside The Locker Room.

Reese Morgan had informed Hawk fans at the latest Polk County I-Club Outing that two position switches were likely. Reports have heard is the defensive line is adding depth.

Tony Jackson will be moving to the defensive line, bumping CJ Barkema into Iowa's third tight end option. Tony was the best blocking TE that Iowa possessed, but CJ will bring an even more physical presence.

Tony will play at the DT position, most likely. This will also help assure the staff to keep Colin Cole at DE; although we will see Colin go inside on third down. Tony is 6'3 270 right now, and you can expect him to put on 15 or 20 more pounds before next fall. Tony has great explosiveness and a great motor. I think we will definitely see Tony gain some playing time next season.

When Matt Neubauer was recruited out of high school, it was wide believed he would be a DE at Iowa. That move is now official as Matt will be adding weight to his big frame in effort to help replace Aaron Kampman's run stopping ability at DE. Matt is currently in the 6'5 240 range, and will be able to add 25 to 30 pounds without any problem. From what I have gathered, Matt is a better athlete than Kampman, with better agility. That will help him against teams with great speed. The goal for Matt is to eventually develop more into the Kyle VandenBosch type DE, and with Coach Doyle and staff that likely will not be a problem.

Early reports on Nathan Chandler have varied. A lot of the players have taken notice that Nathan is a lot like Brad in taking a while to develop timing with his receivers. However, there has been a lot of talk about Nathan's ability to read defenses and keep the secondary guessing. Right now, Brad is the starter, but Nathan is the type of field general that Coach Ferentz likes to work with. This will be a very interesting story in the spring.

We could see as many as four red-shirt freshman from Florida starting next fall. Antwan Allen is the most likely to start opposite Benny Sapp at this point, and Abdul Hodge has gotten rave reviews from Coach (Norm) Parker. Those two are the most likely for starting jobs, but Fabian Dodd and Darius Butler could also be in the rotation. Fabian will probably be the starter at DT in the spring game, next to Jared Clauss. However, Wesley Thibeaux and Tony Jackson will both have every opporunity to earn the position. Maurice Brown and CJ Jones will definitely be the starting WR's, unless some of their off the field problems spark up again. CJ and Mo have both shown great character so far this spring and therefore look to be back on the right track. However, do not think Darius Butler or Ed Hinkel will not be ready to take over. Both of these guys are very talented and will make a great tandem before they leave the Big Ten.

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