Williams Excited Over Iowa Offer

The common school of thought this spring was that Iowa would likely only look to sign one offensive lineman in the Class of 2006. The top target thus far has been Matt Carufel. We believed that if that number was to grow, Keith Williams would be the first lineman to receive a scholarship offer. Iowa has indeed opened the door to two signatures along the line, and Williams has now become a top priority.

I'm pretty fortunate that in my role with Scout.com, the St. Louis region was one of the crucial areas that I scouted and covered. There are a lot of different personalities to go along with a good annual crop of division one prospects that makes my job fun.

I have encountered some great kids in my five plus years of being in this business, and particularly in the St. Louis area. Keith Williams has been a true pleasure to cover and I say that out of respect in regards to how he has handled his recruitment.

You have not seen a lot of Internet articles on Williams this spring or summer. That is because Keith made sure to do his due diligence in making sure he knew who to trust. In fact, his mother had me fax her my credentials.

All that aside, the Iowa Hawkeyes have recently turned up their interest in Williams.

"I haven't received the scholarship in paper, yet, but Coach (Eric) Johnson wrote me a hand-written letter after he returned from vacation this week to let me know it was coming," Williams said.

A lot has been written about the offensive line class that Iowa brought in this past February and Williams says there is good reason to be happy if you receive a Hawkeye offer playing along the offensive line.

"The Iowa offer meant a lot to me. I mean, it's lineman city up there with how many they produce and send onto the next level. I was really happy to know that I received an early offer from a program that is considered one of the best for the position I play," Williams stated.

Williams was informed earlier this spring that Iowa only had the intention of signing one offensive lineman, and their top target hailed from Minnesota (Matt Carufel).

Along with the news of his Hawkeye offer came the revelation that the door is now open for two offensive lineman to be signed by Iowa.

"In the beginning, Coach Johnson basically told me I was one of the group of guys they were evaluating," added Williams, who also received recent offers from Nebraska and Michigan State. "As the interest continued to pick up, I became their second option behind the kid from Minnesota, and now Coach Johnson told me they felt I was just too good to pass up. He said I was the best man for the offer, and after realizing that they felt I was as good if not better than half of their last class, I was worthy for the offer."

If you speak to anyone associated with the McCluer North program, or after the upcoming Signing Day you want to ask any college coach who recruited Williams, they will surely tell you that his package includes great character off the field, too.

"I'm pretty wide open, but Iowa, Nebraska, and Michigan State are the schools who have offered me that stand out the most right now," said Williams, who has around 15 total offers. "I also got a lot of interest in Michigan and Ohio State and expect to hear from them soon on whether they plan to offer or not."

"I spoke with Coach (Andy) Moeller from Michigan just a week ago, and he said the entire staff needs to watch my film. I spoke with Coach Peterson at Ohio State two weeks back, and they are basically waiting on my transcripts which I sent out this week."

Williams doesn't have much time open for making visits with football around the corner, but does know he would like to visit a few of these schools.

"I might, and I mean MIGHT, take a visit to Nebraska after the opening two weeks of our team football camp, or otherwise, I will wait to do so during the season. As far as Michigan State, I will probably wait to take a visit up there for a game or after the season. I also know I want to get back to Iowa City at some point, and I've already had discussions with the Iowa coaches about making a visit," Williams stated.

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