Football Players Enter Track Season

Hawkeye football players participating in track is nothing new to Hawk fans. Most notably, wide receivers Tim Dwight and Bashir Yamini had outstanding track careers. The past two years, it has been FB Jeremy Allen and WR Tim Dodge leading the thinclads. While Dodge returns for one more season, some other Hawks have now decided to step onto the track. caught up with sprint coach Pat McGhee.

This track season, Hawk fans will be hearing about a few names entering the track and field scene. However, while Tim Dodge has completed his football days, his track career is not over as he will be able to compete in outdoor track due to a first year red-shirt.

"Tim Dodge is a tremendous asset to the track team," Coach Pat McGhee stated. "In fact, he especially will help us out in the 4x400 again with him being an all-american. It is our goal to go back down to Baton Rouge and get a top five finish after a top ten finish last year."

"Tim will also run some open 100 and 200 for us. He is in the 10.4 area right now in the 100, but our goal is to get him down to 10.3. His best time in the 400 is 45.1, but hopefully he will beat that mark this season, also."

One freshman who has also decided to give it a try with track is DB Adolphus Shelton. Adolphus, starring at Dallas Carter High School last year as a senior, was known by many Hawk fans for his speed and track accomplishments. Adolphus once ran a 10.3 100 while in high school.

"I'm really excited to have Adolphus a part of the team. He has only had a little time to work; that being three or four weeks. I'm just working on getting him the proper techinique and hopefully football will allow him to re-join the team after spring practice. Adolphus ran a 7.02 in the 60 meter dash for indoors, but easily could run in the 6.8 area with some more work. He really wants to do well and have track help him with football. It is great coaching him"

Warren Holloway has yet to make his mark on the football field, but that could come after making his mark on the track first. Warren ran a 7.09 in the 60 meter dash.

"Right now, we are just working on opening up Warren's stride. He often will get to taking way to many short steps once he gets going halfway so we want to get that improved. He is the 10.8 area for the 100 right now."

OL Eric Rothwell joined the track team this spring to participate in the weight throw. His personal best for indoors was 57 1/2.

Obviously, showing southern recruits the chance to excel in track will definitely go a long way in Hawkeye recruiting. Hawk fans should keep an eye out as the football/track partnership continues.

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