Indiana Star High School Freshman To Visit Iowa

The Shadow, my Dark Friend is back from a long vacation in Florida. He was in a jovial mood when he called with some basketball information that should cheer up Iowa fans as we look to the future.

Aaron Spears, the 6-9 bruiser from Chicago Dunbar won't be the only 'center of attention' this weekend in Iowa City. Steve Alford continues planning far into the future as he may have a visit this weekend from the top player in the Indiana class of 2005.

Luke Zeller, a 6-10, 225 pound FRESHMAN from Washington, Indiana will be with his parents in the Cedar Rapids area visiting a grandparent. Luke's parents grew up in Iowa and will be coming back to Springville, Iowa (in Linn County) to visit one of their parents.

Luke and his parents may slip on down the Avenue of the Saints to Iowa City to visit Steve and Sam Alford.

Washington, Indiana just happens to be Sam Alford's old hometown.

Stardom has been predicted for Zeller for several years. He is still growing, as indicated by his size 19 or 20 feet. However, he can move his feet very smoothly, both in the pivot and in running the court.

Luke will be sought by virtually every top program in the nation. Coaches like Rick Pitino already are familiar with traveling directions to Washington.

Can Steve Alford bring this NATIONAL TOP FIVE prospect to Iowa City in three years? This recruitment will be a real challenge. Steve will accept this challenge as Luke is the type of prospect that could take Iowa to the Final Four.

Therefore, you can bet that Steve Alford will be spending a lot of time visiting his father's roots in Indiana.

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