Iowa Fans Expecting Big Things

Weekly Poll Results: Pick Iowa's Regular season record.

There is no doubt that the Hawkeye Nation is jacked up for the 2005 football season. A recent poll in the HN Clubhouse, the members only forum on our website, reveals as much.

289 users cast their votes. It was a fairly controlled poll, and it was done in the members Clubhouse in order to keep fans from other schools from tampering with the results.

Of the 289 votes cast, 41.9 percent feel that Iowa will finish the regular season with a record of 9-2.

28 percent of the voters feel that Iowa will finish 10-1, while 20.1 percent feel that an 8-3 season is in the offing.

7.3 percent of the voters feel that a perfect 11-0 regular season is on tape, while 2.8 percent of the ballots cast were for a record of 7-4.

On the whole, 69.9 percent of the ballots were cast between 9-2 or 10-1.

In the Summer Iowa Football Preview issue of Hawkeye Nation Magazine, Jon Miller and Rob Howe each predicted Iowa to finish 9-2, losing two games on the road at Ohio State and Purdue.

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