ILL Kicker Donahue Commits to Iowa

The Iowa Hawkeyes have had a solid lineage at kicker in recent years, and they have just graduated a punter in David Bradley. The Hawkeyes received good news on Firday when kicker Ryan Donahue selected the Iowa Hawkeyes...learn more of Donahue's commitment in this premium update

DONAHUE"I made a verbal commitment to Iowa today. They have the greatest people, craziest fans, and just the best overall aura you can have from the people. The Sporting News just ranked them as the #1 ranked college football town. My parents and I were just thrilled with what we saw in the academics, too."

Q: Iowa has targeted a lot of kickers they felt had a chance to earn a scholarship this spring. They also had quite a few of those guys in for their kicking camp, and obviously seeing you're the only one they have offered to this point, they must have seen something they like about you?

DONAHUE"Yes, I know they thought my technique was pretty solid."

Q: How did you develop such great technique?

DONAHUE "It was just continuous work on everything; one after another. I first started perfecting my plant foot, and then I just gradually kept moving back to perfect my full stride."

Q: Obviously, you didn't just do this on your own, right?

DONAHUE"No, but I didn't have to go out and buy a specialized kicking coach. Our wide receivers/special teams coach, J.J. Standridge, was a three year punter at Northwestern. He basically taught me all the basics and everything I needed to know in a three-month span, and I just continually fined tuned it to the point where it is now. He is only like 24 or 25 years old."

Q: So Iowa took your commitment as a punter?

DONAHUE "Yeah, because I can punt as well as I can kick. They said it is a lot harder to find punters out there, and much easier to spot a kicker."

Q: Would you like to become the kicker, as well?

DONAHUE "Yeah, I know Schlicher is going to be a senior my freshman year, but after he leaves, I would like a chance to compete for the job. I can do both of the jobs, if necessary, and it is my preference to be a kicker out of the two positions. I know when I asked Coach Ferentz directly about redshirting, he said that it I could definitely have the option of playing as a true freshman and that he knew that I was very capable of getting that done."

Q: Do you feel that being 6'3'' gives you an advantage as a punter/kicker?

DONAHUE "Yes, I think it gives me more of an edge. It helps out on everything trajectory wise, and really just a better overall kicker."

Q: Iowa has developed some outstanding kickers in the past few years.

DONAHUE (A): "They have a really good history in developing kickers since Coach Ferentz arrived at Iowa, and Coach Wilson, the special teams coach, is a great coach. I didn't attend the one day kicking camp they held because of ACT conflictions, but I did come to one day of their padded camp, and he was able to stand by everyone of my kicks and give me some necessary pointers on how to get more distance on my kicks."

Q: Did you expect to receive your offer from Iowa this summer?

DONAHUE (A): "No, not really. At least not that soon. It is such a different ballgame for kickers and punters, and Iowa had maintained the stance they would be evaluating senior film even up through camp, but they must have just seen something they liked. I know it put a lot of confidence in myself to know they wanted to offer me so soon."

Q: How did the whole commitment take place?

DONAHUE "Well, after I met with Coach Ferentz briefly in the morning, I took a tour of the academic facilities, including a business school tour, with Coach McLaughlin. Then, I returned to have a meeting with Coach Ferentz in his office, and I told him that I wanted to commit. He just stood up, shook my hand, and he had a wide grin on my face. He told me congratulations, and that I had made a good choice."

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