Spring Practice Has Begun!

Spring practice 2002 has now begun and will be the under the watchful eyes of Hawk fans all around. This spring is presenting itself as being the most interesting under the new staff as now the majority of the team consists of recruits from the staff. Will this spring indicate a great season is forthcoming?

All indications are this spring will be very promising as the Hawks enter a season where hopes will be a little higher and the Big Ten remains a little unknown.

Below are some of the headlines as we head into spring practice:

  • Aaron Greving suffered a sprained ankle the week before spring practice. It appeared to be more severe than what is now believed. There was concern of some ligament damage, but all reports have Aaron being ready to practice in the next week or two. I would expect him to have action in the first quarter of the spring game. Fred Russell reportedly does not have an ounce of fat on his body and will likely become a third down back for this team. Jermelle Lewis will also be given his full opporunity to claim the starting position many envisoned him having at this point in his career. Will he earn the spot?
  • Although Maurice Brown may not be in the two deeps right now, while he still serves some punishment, do not believe for one second that he will be not be working with the first team. As long as Maurice stays on the right track this spring and summer, he should have every chance to capture the starting job alongside CJ Jones. Ed Hinkel and Darius Butler will be ready for action this fall so there should not be much of a dropoff in case something does happen with Maurice as you better believe these two will leave a mark at Iowa before they graduate.
  • Speaking of the WR position, there have been additions to the position in Aramis Haralson and Marques McLaurin. I think this was a wise move for Aramis Haralson as his size and athletic ability can be better used at WR. I'm not sure how quickly he will jump out of the gate, but he possesses both the vertical ability and speed to be a deep threat for this team. I would not be surprised to see him gain some valuable action in the spring game.
  • The defensive line is a serious question for Hawk fans this spring, especially the end position. However, reports around Iowa City have been spreading the staff is not half as worried as the fans. Jonathan Babineaux has really come on after his injury and should secure one spot. Howard Hodges has shown a lot of flashes in practice the past three years as being a sackmaster, and it will be time for to do it on the playing field. He was really stepping up last season before his injury and expect him to pick-up where he left off. Also, Derreck Robinson is getting more coordinated as he grows into his big frame. A strongman, he has one of the best hang cleans on the whole squad. I believe we will be more athletic at the end position than Hawk fans have seen in a long time.

Well, certainly there may be more newsworthy items out there, but these are four of the most pressing concerns for the Hawks as spring practice starts. HTO.com hopes to see everyone at the spring game on the 20th as we will see a bit of a new look Hawkeye team. We will have news out shortly on our pre-game tailgate and the visitors that will be stopping by.

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