Bruiser Tom Busch Ready for 2005

Q & A with Iowa fullback Tom Busch

Q: So when you're out there on the field, do you hear the 70,000 people around you or are you just playing football?

Tom Busch: It's just playing ball. The crowd makes it real fun, especially here in Iowa, the greatest fans in college football. You're so focused in the game, you're in the zone. You really don't understand that there's 70,000 people around us. We're going out and playing the game and we don't let things distract us, we just go out and play.

Q: What do you personally have to work on and what's your best strength?

Busch: I have to work on everything, you know. I'm just trying to get better every day. If I continue to do that, I'm going to help out the team. As far as my best strength, I don't know, it's not my speaking skills, I know that.

Q: You're doing fine. (Points to his tattoo) What's the significance of this?

Busch: That's a Brahma bull. I got that my senior year of high school. I liked it, it looks pretty tough, it looks pretty mean.

Q: No nickname or anything going with it or anything like that, it's just to look tough?

Busch: I'll leave that up to you man. Can't nickname myself (laughs).

Q: Anything different this year coming into the season knowing that you come in as the number one (fullback)?

Busch: Not really, we go into camp, every camp, with a positive outlook and a positive attitude. We have high expectations in camp. I don't see anything differently, we go out here and we're trying to get better every day.

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