Backing It Up: Jason Manson Q & A

Jason Manson Q & A

Q: (When you're playing NCAA Football 2006) does number 16 start over number 5?

Jason Manson: (Laughs) A nice rotation. I like to get in and run a little option with me. If I want to pass a little bit, I can still do that, but I've got Drew in there too. Rotate it, play with it a little bit.

Q: Did you ever think about a time when it could have been you in a different place, starting?

Manson: Definitely. I didn't consider it that much. A lot of people talked about wanting me to leave. I'm happy here, I've got a good relationship with the coaches, my teammates. That's pretty much what kept me here. You don't want to walk away, then something doesn't happen for you down there, you'd be like, "Ahh, I wish I would have stayed".

Q: A lot of people play the "what-if" game, but what if something out there happens out there with Tate, are you ready to go in?

Manson: Definitely. I feel like I'm ready, I feel like the coaches think I'm ready, I think the team thinks I'm ready. I've just got to sit back and wait for a chance, an opportunity. I've just got to prepare and work hard to be ready.

Q: It's kind of a macabre task, you're just kind of waiting for something bad to happen.

Manson: It's not like that, but it's that kind of sport, you never know what could happen on any given play.

Q: How would you describe your development over last year?

Manson: Just continue to work hard, nothing's really changed, just try to get better. You can never stop getting better.

Q: Have you and Drew been practicing together?

Manson: Oh yeah, all the time. Come out, throw to some receivers throughout the summer, stuff like that. We've got a pretty good relationship too.

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