Fighting for Time: Damian Sims

Damian Sims Q & A

Q: What do you bring to the running back position?

Damian Sims: Probably the most speed and elusiveness, but like you said, all the backs bring something special to the table. We're just going to work together as a unit and however it plays out, I'm satisfied as long as we're winning.

Q: How are practices right now, it's so loaded back there, a lot of guys, aren't there?

Sims: It's a lot easier now as far as mentally because I know all this stuff now and I've learned the system during the spring. It's helped having extra guys, it's tough to get a lot of reps, but the coaches know what they're doing, they know how to rotate us in and out.

Q: Are things coming together with you guys and the new look offensive line?

Sims: Everything's looking good, all the backs look good, everybody's healthy, offensive line's looking good, Drew (Tate)'s playing good, Jason Manson's playing good, the receivers are catching the ball, we're just coming around.

Q: Last year was flukey deal anyway, that's gone by the boards, hasn't it?

Sims: Pretty much. Practices go a lot easier when 31 and 45 aren't in practice. It makes it a lot easier on everybody, especially on my side of the ball.

Q: Last year, having to take off that red shirt, that wasn't the ideal situation, has that helped you at all with that extra experience?

Sims: On the traveling bus, I traveled to every game, and I pretty much played in the last couple of games. It won't be new to me next year as opposed to me being a red shirt freshman, all that stuff would have been new. I think I've got an edge up over some of the guys with that. It just helped me out, basically, extra experience.

Q: Are you going to be returning kicks this year?

Sims: Yeah, I'll be back there.

Q: Everybody wants to be the featured back in the offense, but are there some things you guys can take advantage of, having so many experienced guys, giving people so many different looks?

Sims: Yeah, like I said, every back brings something different to table. If you get used to one back, you kind of adapt to him but when you've got so many different backs, you can't sit back and think "Oh, he's a power back, I'm going to come at him this way" because it might be a different one back there. It helps having a lot of backs who know what they're doing and who are all talented enough to play.

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