Moeaki Wide Eyed and Getting Acquainted

Q & A with Tony Moeaki

What is it like to be in Iowa City?

Tony Moeaki: It has been great and everything I had expected. Playing on the team has been also good. Can't wait for the season to state.

How do you pronounce your last name?


You come in with a freshman class that the media and people have given pretty big expectations. Do you read into that much?

Not really, I don't really worry much.

Do you miss being at home?

Um, it is only 2 hours. (I interrupted by saying: "Ya, who is driving?" Chicago is 240 miles from Iowa City, and that is not even to the NW suburbs where Tony is from.) It is not that bad and having other recruits here we hang out a lot.

It has to be neat to have 5 or 6 other guys from your area coming in who are from the same area and the same age.

Right. We just get along easier knowing that we come from the same background. Even though there are other guys not from Chicago, they are great, too, and fun to be around.

Your cousin, (Utah Prep RB) Stanley Havili, is getting some publicity (has an Iowa offer, will visit Iowa October 22nd). What do you about him and his game?

His offense runs a spread offense at his high school. He likes to get into the open field then juke them or run them over. He likes to catch the ball, too. I have talked to him a couple times and he is excited for his senior season.

Do you think your being at Iowa will influence him at all?

Yeah, he's definitely an official. I might be his host, I am not sure. I will definitely put in a good word.

Now that you have a day or two of practice in, tell me about it and what is like to be a college football player..

It's a lot faster. It is everything I expected and I am just trying to get used to it right now.

It is a pretty big transition going from large school Illinois High School football to Big Ten Football, right?

Yeah, it is a lot more physical than high school, obviously. And the speed is a lot faster.

Have you heard from Coach (Chris) Doyle? Has he put you through the rigors?

I don't know. He put us through some tough workouts.

Are you noticing any differences with that, or gaining any weight, definition/tone, or just sore muscles?

I was 230 when I first weighed in, and when I weighed in today I was 247-248.

Describe some of the things you are looking forward to this fall, yourself and for the team.

I think we are looking forward to having the best season possible. Looking forward to playing in the new stadium in front of an awesome crowd. I have never actually been to a game so I am looking forward to that, too.

What does it mean to be an Iowa Hawkeye football player?

You have to work hard, be physical. I mean, be selfless and play as a team.

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