Greene: Better Late Than Never

Shonn Greene finally made it to Iowa City this summer, one year later than expected. Greene originially signed with the recruiting class of 2004, but he did not meet the academic requirements for enrollment last season. So he had to watch as Iowa's tailbacks went down one by one with serious injuries, all the while wondering what might have been. Greene talks about that and much more in this interview...

It is a little bit of difference between Jersey and Iowa, isn't there?

Yeah, there is. That is the main reason I came out there. I wanted something a little different. Out here it is a little slower than where I come from. That is all good and well. I actually wanted a change and that's why I chose to come out here.

Now that you have been practicing for a day or two, you have got to notice a big difference between high school/prep school and this.

You can really see the difference. A fast tempo and really you do not have that much time to think because things just go like that (snapped fingers). It's like a snap of the fingers. So you can really see the difference. Everything is moving faster and guys flying around.

You used to be able to run over or by guys – is it a little different now?

It is a little bit, but you gotta just stay with what you know. Everybody's on the same speed, but I think I can get used to it.

Same speed as in the lineman are opening big holes, but are they closing more quickly now?

Yeah they do. You really gotta see where you are going and be on the lookout.

What does it mean to you to be a Hawkeye football player?

What does it mean? It means to be a team player, actually. We all work as a unit and for one thing. We want to come together to create one thing. Everybody has their individual role but we are all a team.

How long have you been in Iowa City?

About a month and a half I would say, probably. I was here the whole summer and now I am coming from camp. It has been a pretty long time.

The fact that you were not here last year does that make you even more hungry to play?

Yeah, it does. I kind of lost a year, but I am here now and ready to get working.

You lost a year, but not a year of eligibility.

No, I didn't lose a year of eligibility. But in my mind that year just went by like "it could've been me." I am here now, so.

How much more physically ready are you now compared to what you would have been last year?

I mean I don't think I am too far off because I was still training and stuff. I was just hoping to get out here with the team and be a team player.

How much do you weigh right now?


How many tailbacks are there, about 6 or 7 of you guys?

Yeah, it's a lot of us. It's a lot. It is around that.

When you at that competition what is your first thought?

It is gonna be competition everywhere you go. So you just be who you are and learn from each other. We all need to know the guys teaching us. It is competition but we are all learning from each other.

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