Q & A with Senior Ben Cronin

Ben Cronin Q & A

With this being your last lap around the track, do you think of that now or block it out?

Ben Cronin: I guess you kind of realize in the back of your mind and every practice are your last first day of camp, that kind of thing. It's time to swing for the fences; there is nothing to lose. You take in as much as you can, and now its time to go for it.

You won't be sad when it's your last two a day, right?

Ben Cronin: No, I think you grow so close as a unit during this time. We take naps together, but half the time we don't sleep because we are telling stories, so it's a fun thing. I will miss it once I get out of camp, but in here, it's all focus on football.

I remember talking with the OL last year at this time and you all felt you would keep the momentum going. Then the injuries happened and it was a challenging year. Do you feel as a unit as if you have something to prove this year to get the tradition back?

Ben Cronin: I say we approach every year the same way. We approach camp the same way, with improving our fundamentals and tightening things down. We can't control what happens during the season. The guys that played last year played great and improved every week. We proved we could win. I just feel that we are trying to think about getting better right now and to give Drew the time he needs and run the ball.

How is that, protecting Tate? You call a play and you block a certain way, and he is going Magic Johnson back there?

Ben Cronin: I don't think it's challenging, because most of the time he does that is because of us, so Drew got himself out of a lot of mistakes that we made. He is an amazing playmaker.

What is it like going into a game being a number 2, and then all the sudden, you are in there in a serious situation and you are in the game at a moment's notice?

Ben Cronin: Like all of us on the line, whether you are a one or a two, you prepare like you are going to start. We get the same amount of reps as the 1's. You watch the same amount of film, and I will be surrounded by four great offensive linemen. They are supportive when you go in, so you feed off each other. You are used to it after camp. But it is a rush, no doubt. The adrenaline takes over and after the first few snaps, you are ready to go.

As a senior class, have you set any goals for this year?

Ben Cronin: I just think we are working to continue the Hawkeye tradition that was here before we got here and while we have been here. That takes place right now in camp, in doing the right things and get better each day. We have a fantastic coaching staff and great players.

What is the story book ending for you this year?

Ben Cronin: It is a tough question. We only go one game at a time. Just to have a successful camp right now and have everyone healthy all year, that would be it. And have another successful year. We are not into making predictions; it's all about performing every day.

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