Transcript: Ed Miles Q & A

Ed Miles Q & A transcript

Coach Ferentz singled you out this spring, and it looks like you finally have the opportunity that you have waited a long time for.

Ed Miles: I feel that I am ready. Playing with Abdul and Chad makes me ready to play with them. I am ready to step in and help the defense out.

Are you looking forward to introducing yourself to the fans, to say there is another linebacker on this team not named Hodge or Greenway?

Ed Miles: I am ready for that. I am working hard and going out there and helping my team win. That is all that you can ask.

You earned a reputation as a big time hitter on scout and special teams. You will be playing a position (LEO LB) that is physically demanding, taking on bigger guys than Greenway and Hodge will see. Do you feel that at your size (6-1, 228) is enough to handle that role?

Ed Miles: I am up to that challenge. I have been working hard on those aspects, and reps out here in practice have helped me with that for the position to be second nature.

I was not referring to your biceps as being undersized.

Ed Miles: Yeah, they are the biggest ones.

Who is fastest between you and Chad?

Ed Miles: Everyone asks that. If he tells you anything different he will be lying to you; straight ahead I got him. Side to side, he has me. Our speed is equal.

This may be fastest Iowa trio at linebacker. There will be a lot of responsibility on you with the young defensive line. Have you, Chad and Abdul talked about that as a corps, to be focused on keys more so than ever before?

Ed Miles: We talked about it. Our goal is to be the best. Coach Parker talked to me a lot about how he expects that we should be the best going into the game, the top three linebackers in the nation is our goal.

What kind of things have you learned from George Lewis, Chad and Abdul?

Ed Miles: I really learned leadership, how they have great leadership on the field. George last year, I learned not to make mistakes but also his technique and how to play the position. We talked about my mistakes in practice, what I did wrong and I did the same for him. It was fun last year being in there helping the team out and taking part in things.

Does it make a difference going into this year knowing that you are a starter?

Ed Miles: Yeah it does. I tell myself that this is your year…this is your breakout season, so its up to you to make it that way. Playing along with Abdul and Chad will help me a lot. Just because you don't want to disappoint those guys when you are playing along side them.

Did you know that Abdul is scared of dogs?

Ed Miles: (Laughs.) I love dogs. Dogs love me. Everyone has their fears I guess. Man's best friend, right?

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