Q & A With Jake Christensen

Jake Christensen talks about finally getting to Iowa, about whether or not he will look at playing baseball while at Iowa and what he feels it means to be a Hawkeye...

After a day and a half of practices, what are your thoughts?

Jake Christensen : It has been great. I am just taking it all in. I am just trying to learn as fast as possible and learn the offense.

You had a pretty good season this spring at home in Lockport (IL) with the bat (baseball state champs).

Jake Christensen : It was great and it is a good sport, but it is not my love and not in my blood. A lot of people were speculating about that (the possibility of playing both sports while at Iowa), but there is a reason we all committed to Iowa and it is not to play baseball.

Is it something you would like to continue just for fun at some point in time?

Jake Christensen : I don't know. I have not really thought about it. We are just trying to get into the swing of things in football…and baseball is really the last thing on my mind.

You had some pretty good success at Lockport for football, what is the outlook for this year's team?

Jake Christensen : Hopefully, they play well. I haven't got to watch them practice, and don't know what kind of talent they have as juniors now. As an alumni of a high school you are always pulling for your old team. I may get to see them play, but I don't know yet.

You come to Iowa as part of a recruiting class that many in the media and fan base alike have labeled as going to lead Iowa to even a higher level. Do you read much into that sort of attention?

Jake Christensen : Not really because once you come here everything you have done prior is out the window. Everyone starts at zero and previous accomplishments are not what this program is about. It is about what you do as a Hawkeye, and that is what Coach Ferentz told us. It is the truth. High school stuff is great, but it is over now. It is time to be a college football player.

Have any of the coaches, or you, seen anything they think you should work on to improve your ability?

Jake Christensen : You know, really, we are just trying to install the offense right now. There have not been any things small or tedious like that. We are just trying to get into the swing of things and see how things work.

You have been here for a few weeks now. Who are some of the upperclassmen who have taken you under their wing, or that you have kind of latched onto?

Jake Christensen: Well, a lot of them. Jason Manson has helped me out a lot. Chad Greenway is always approachable. It is hard to point out just one, all the older guys are great and all help out. If one guy is not there another guy will help you just as much. It is a collective effort.

Is the number 6 jersey going to stick with you the whole time? You have to know the recent history it has at Iowa.

Jake Christensen: I don't know. I have no idea. But, yeah, I know. I was told. (Alex) Kanellis told me about Tim Dwight. You know, whatever uniform they put me in I will play with.

Describe what being a Hawkeye is to you and as part of a team.

Jake Christensen: It is the best. There is really no other way to explain it. Everything is up-tempo. Everything is championship level football and nothing less is accepted. We just want to play at the highest level possible and the coaches are out here just trying to give us that opportunity.

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