Klinkenborg Fine with Biding His Time

Mike Klinkenborg Q & A

Do you guys tweak the practice schedule when things are this warm?

Mike Klinkenborg: No, we don't change the schedule. It does not matter how hot that it is. Our medical staff takes care of us and make sure that we are hydrated. They have us taking Gatorade for electrolytes to help maintain the water in your body.

You have been playing behind Hodge & Greenway and these guys are All Americans. How has that been for you, biding your time?

Mike Klinkenborg: It's no problem waiting. Playing behind two of the best in the nation is fine. I roomed with Greenway and he taught me what it is like to be on and off the field and how to act. Both of those guys are great to learn from and it has been an honor.

Heaven forbid something happened to them; do you think you are capable of getting in there and playing at a winning level right now?

Mike Klinkenborg:Coach Parker prepares all of the linebackers; Humpal, Gablemann and me, so I think that any one of us could go in there if we needed to.

How has it been having a former high school teammate (Chris Kuehl) on the team?

Mike Klinkenborg:We were really good friends in high school, so I was surprised. Iowa talked about offering him as a walk on coming out of high school, but he committed to UNL (University of Nebraska-Lincoln). I talked with him during the middle of our freshman year and he really wanted to come here. Now, we are roommates living three blocks from Kinnick; you can't ask for any better.

In 2006, you will be a part of the next crop. I have heard that Norm is high on you guys. Norm has been around the block, so how does that feel to hear him say about you when you have not played?

Mike Klinkenborg:For him to say that about me, Humpal, Gablemann is quite an honor. He has been a coach for like 40 years or something like that. I will think about that more after the year, but now we have to prepare for what is next.

I am having a hard time finding Mehumpalgablemann on the roster. I notice that about all of you; you don't single yourself out. Is that the way you are or the way you are taught here?

Mike Klinkenborg:We are taught about team chemistry and being together. Everyone respects each other on the team, so that is the way it goes.

Which LB position do you prefer?

Mike Klinkenborg:Wherever they let me play at.

Say a coach asked for your preference?

Mike Klinkenborg: Probably the Mike (Middle Linebacker). I really like staying inside. If you are a Will, you are covering more receivers. The Mike is always inside with the action and around the ball. But with the way offenses are today, they are going five wide, so the Mike is even going outside now.

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