Willcox Ready for Action

Alex Willcox Q & A

Some people say that since the seniors are gone, there will be a drop off on the line with regards to production. We don't know enough about you guys, so do you feel that is fair?

Alex Willcox: If you don't know much about people you can't say that these guys are going to do something . It will be hard to replace the seniors, so we are out here competing to see who is going to be in the front four and the six to eight man rotation.

Youth will be served this year; it's your time for the spotlight. How exciting is it to know that at such an early juncture in your career, you will have a chance to earn a lot of playing time?

Alex Willcox:That is really exciting. Some of those guys come in here and start one or two years of their career and go on to great things. It would be really exciting to be a starter at a young time your career.

Is it exciting to see so many former Hawkeye defensive linemen in NFL camps this year?

Alex Willcox:That is great that they are there. That is far down the line to think about for me, but it is always in the back of your mind, thinking that with the great coaches we have here, maybe that is a possibility in the future

What did you learn from last year's seniors?

Alex Willcox:How to practice, how to prepare for a game, how to watch film and especially how to be an Iowa football player.

A lot will rest on the back of the collective defensive line as to how far and high this team can go.

Alex Willcox:We are going to try as hard as we can. We will work out hardest and bust it every play, go out there and do the best job that we can do.

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