Doering Excited to Finally Be in the Black & Gold

Hawkeye fans followed Dan Doering's recruitment last year about as close as they followed the flight of Drew Tate's pass to Warren Holloway against Louisiana State. When Doering told a few days before the US Army All American Bowl that he was committing to Iowa Hawkeyes, and once the entire Hawkeye Nation learned of that during the game, a big sigh of relief and exhiliration was heard all the way down to Texas. Doering is now a Hawkeye, and talks about his first days...

You are officially an Iowa Hawkeye now. Talk about that.

Dan Doering: It is just a great feeling. To be here and surrounded by all these great guys. It is an amazing team. Everyone has such good chemistry and the coaching staff here gets you to work. It's a great feeling to be here.

How long have you been here this summer?

Dan Doering: I was here for three weeks in July, then we had a week off. Now, I have been here since last Friday.

A week of for an Iowa football player means you were still in the weight room about 2-3 times each day? (laughing)

Dan Doering: We got to go home because they (the coaches) busted our butts.

Did you workout while at home, or just take it off?

Dan Doering: No, I went out to my cabin and went fishing. I just took the week off from it all.

We probably should not let Coach Doyle in on that bit of information, eh?

Dan Doering: Naw, I don't think so.

Speaking of Coach Doyle, you have been around him enough in the weight room to know he means business.

Dan Doering: When you come to lift, it is time to lift. You just gotta go in there and get your lift in and give 100% on everything you do.

Who are some of the upperclassman you see in the weight room that impress you by how they just "get after it"?

Dan Doering: Man, there are just so many guys that just put up weight. You see some of them and think that if you keep at it you will see some of those pounds and results.

You have been to Iowa City for many games with your sister being a student and just visiting. Now that you are a resident, what is it like?

Dan Doering: Actually, when I was here for the first three weeks I would go home on the weekends. It just did not feel like home anymore. Iowa City is my home now. Walking around downtown and being in the community has just been great. I love it here.

What was the experience at the Scout All-American game like? You were there and hearing all of your, now, teammates committing and you committed to play for Iowa.

Dan Doering: It was great. We all have so much chemistry and stuff. Just being all those guys, all the recruits, has been great.

You are no longer in the spotlight, so to speak, what is that like?

Dan Doering: Definitely, I realize that. Every player has to realize when they come to college that they are no longer the best. If you don't recognize that, you are not going to be playing. You have got to realize you are down at the bottom and have to work yourself back to the top. You have got to come to practice every day and work hard.

Are there any of the older linemen that you have followed or have taken you under their wing/tutelage? Have you approached any of them saying, ‘hey, what do I need to do?'

Dan Doering: Well, pretty much the entire offensive line. If anyone sees you slipping or doing something wrong in a drill, they will correct you on it. Everyone is open about everything and help as much as they can.

Your family is pretty close knit. Are you a Hawkeye family now?

Dan Doering: We bleed black n gold now. No doubt. Even my brother (Tyler) likes Iowa.

Is he looking forward to his season this year?

Dan Doering: He is getting ready and working pretty hard.

Does he want to be a Hawkeye, too, if he gets the chance?

Dan Doering: We'll see but you had better run that by him first.

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